Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Cat's Cuter Than Your Cat!

Two buds hanging outLife is good Give me a break and leave me alone
Happy Animal Wednesday
! &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
I mailed out two traveling book pages today
one to CAT in FL for Artshine
and one to Suki in NH for Arty Soul Sisters
I got one traveling book page from
Suki for the ARTSHINE book in my mail box!
Patty, I wore the necklace you made me to work today.
It looks really really pretty on a brown shirt.
Remember how we wondered which side of the round flat beads
were the best side to show?
Well guess what?
They turn so I can have many many variations
a different necklace each and every time I wear it.
Thanks again so much.
Love it.
Love you


  1. He is pretty cute - HAW Henry - maybe I'll draw you next time

  2. Hi Lynn, Henry sure looks happy. They like there comfort you know and what better place than someones lap.

  3. Ah bliss -a comfy lap! What a gorgeous kitty!

  4. awwww, what a sweet kitty! I love kitties! Those stripey ones are always adorable. :)


  5. Oh I adore Henry V!! Tabbies are the best, especially males. (No offense girls!)
    Although I'm very partial to black and white tuxedos too;)

    HAW Lynn and Henry!!
    DH looks pretty comfy too ;)

  6. Henry! You are stealing my heart! What a relaxing life you have.

    Geesh Lynn, how do you keep track of all those books?!


  7. Well I have to agree that Henry is pretty darn cute but my Nikki is adorable. :))) but right now my ANNIE ..Dog.. is bugging me to go play ball with her.. NOW.. so what ever I was going to say went bye bye.. LOL
    It IS Animal Wednesday after all. ;)

  8. HAW everyone...Henry is sitting at the back glass door looking out at the wind blown trees right now.
    Not wanting to go outside.

    Teri, it is not easy always figuring out where each book goes especially when there are some of the same people in two or more groups. Hopefully they say which book this is when sending them. And I have a binder with dividers with the three book groups I am participating in now with my lists of who to send what to. Believe me it's not easy! But oh so worthwhile. If you think the art looks good on the blogs you should see it in person! Ten times better than in the photos! And so cool that we get to keep a whole book full when the book makes all it's rounds.

  9. henry look s so comfy.

    look fwd to receiving the page. just mailed YOU one today myself and I foget what it was as it was wrapped up for a few days.sup

  10. A tiger on your lap. What a wonderful set of photos. i had a panther on my pillow last night. I love cats.


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