Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Page for Suki's Artshine Book

I made this page for Suki's book on our new traveling sketchbook See Artshine blog to see all the pages made to date; and read the details about this book there.


  1. Such a lovely layout - the background waves are fantastic!

  2. This is just perfect for Suki. I love the waves.

  3. I commented about this on Artshine page. but Its lovely enough to comment here. So Suki and so you too. Good job here. I think you just get better and better as these projects come around.

  4. shaaaazaaaam! this is gorgeous!! What a wonderful page!

  5. Both art pieces are beautiful Lynn...stitches of love in each! :)

  6. home is where you hang your memories,
    I love the sun and the style of the waves and house. You can tell this is a fun home to be in.

  7. Oh incredible what I have been missing.........
    Sometimes my life is all about catching up.......
    Tomorrow I have to leave at 4 o'clock!!!!! Will be back in the weekend.

    Hope you are ok!


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