Friday, January 22, 2010

New Art Quiltlet and Thank You Studio Lolo For an Abundance of Art Materials

I made this small fabric art quiltlet with cotton scraps, free motion sewing, fabric crayons and beading yesterday. Last week the mail lady brought me a huge box!
I was not expecting a package.
Was I ever surprised when I opened it and found
Hebrew Library cards~
Wonderful collection of papers and fabrics... incredible old photos and paper napkins
and all sorts of art embellishments
a wonderful gift from our own
Lolo of Studio Lolo
who was cleaning out her studio
and felt I needed these things she was
parting with for my own art making!
Thank you Lolo...I love your slightly "out-of-alignment" card too!
And I hope you will like the raven flying to you now
in the form of that quiltlet at the top of this post. Hugs from Lynn
Grateful on Friday


  1. Your little quilt is lovely and the lady who sent you all those goodies is a very nice person!

  2. That Lolo is so generous. Your quiltlet is adorable. It seems to have music in it as well as the raven. Lolo will be pleased.

  3. WOW!! Great package, lucky you!! That quiltlet is fabulous, Lolo will love it!

  4. How wonderful! So great that these ladies are thinking of you and are giving you what you can use and enjoy! I am sure you will make something beautiful out of it. I especially like the old photo's.
    Maybe you can make screenprints of them, so you can do something with it lots of times.

  5. WOW! I love your quilt creation!!! Lolo is such a sweetheart!!!

  6. You're sending the quiltlet to me??? I noticed the bird right away and gasped! Thank you Lynn. I'm making a spot in the studio for all the art from my blogger pals and this will be proudly displayed!!
    I'll try to find out where Annie got those library cards ;)
    I love sending you things because I know there's nothing you can't make art from! And I picture your grand kids having a blast right alongside you ;)


  7. I LOVE your quiltlet. Its gorgeous. My favorite so far. Lucky Lolo
    But then she deserves it as she gave you a gold mind of creating things that you will really put to good use. I can see several projects coming from that stash.

  8. that lo has a heart of pure gold.

  9. What a haul! especially the hebrew library cards - I bet they will make great backgrounds and snippets to insert here and there. I love your raven quiltlet - it's very pretty.

  10. You made that quiltlet in ONE DAY????? I could not even finish the beading in one day. It is SO beautiful. What a pretty bird.

  11. Quiltlet...wonderful! I put one of the catnip mats that Stacy Hurt made me, on the wall...they were just too nice not to make art out of one of the three!


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