Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday's Post on Saturday Night Late

It's eleven eighteen Saturday night and you'd think I'd be all tuckered out, but I'm not.
I'm sitting here coasting through others blogs and leaving my comments, as am continually inspired and moved by what I see.
We visited my dear aunt and uncle today again. They are persevering. Uncle healing from a bowel obstruction poor dear man, hard to see him in pain again; aunt more and more in her own world, but can look like she is with it/us there. At one point she looked at my uncle and said: "Why do you look so old!"
He looked back and said: "How old ARE YOU?" She said emphatically: "80!" He said softly and sweetly: "Okay, if you want to believe that!" (She turned 90 last May!)...too funny.
Their kids are in the process of moving them out of their cottage and getting them ready to move into the assisted living quarters in the same community where they are now. (rehab/nursing facility) When we were at the house with the kids, my cousins, they offered me to choose things from the house I may want (as reminders of my aunt and uncle). I took some family photos off the wall, my aunts 1932 confirmation book, a pile of fabric remnants new and beautiful; a small Israeli menorah. It felt strange taking things...but they are giving a lot away to Goodwill and I'd just have to find it there and buy it, right? They are moving to a site a third the size of the home they have already left behind. No room for everything.
I promised my uncle I'd be back again before too long.
We enjoyed Japanese food out with my cousins.
The drive home was just a little foggy in spots.
I'm still not tired.
I'm glad I have one more day to my four day holiday vacation at home.
PS The window above is from inside an art gallery in Mendocino, CA.


  1. i love that view out the window. can't access the vids, never mind, i will imagine the joy. yes, i am up till 1 am most nights enjoying my few days left before going back to work tomorrow.

  2. Dear Lynniskynni! I thank you for this loving post about your aunt and uncle, and the sweet and funny conversation about age they had:) I want to thank you in general for being always out here with so much energy to share, so many inspiration and love. I wish you a wonderful and happy new year,

  3. Lynn, I think I know what you mean when you felt odd taking some of your Aunt and Uncle's things. It would be a bitter sweet task. How nice though that you are able to get it now. As an old friend told me once when giving me things "It is better to give with a warm hand". Enjoy your last day of vacation. I know you will make the most of it.

  4. I love the view.

    My husband just had to go through his dad's things this spring after he passed away. It was really hard for him, especially since he never got to see him ansd there wasn't a service for him. Wishes of his widow. (He had remarried.)

    it's nice that you still have time with your much loved aunt and uncle. I laughed at their latest banter!

    I'm having trouble with videos lately. I'll try to come back!

  5. Sounds like a nice day and a bit bittersweet with seeing the life there dismantled. Nice you got the memories to keep. Nice you have some good memories of them right now too.
    I could access a video but its the sameone of your Grandson. not your Grand daughter.
    Where is that window you posted?

  6. That window view would make a stunning quilt Lynn.

    So sad when we see what happens to the elderly. We visit a former neighbor every Sunday after church and some days are good and some are bad, but at 95 it is just good to see her.

  7. the window is from inside an art gallery in Mendocino taken a week ago on our trip there.

  8. I love the window view too. It may be strange taking things but at least you have that opportunity. I have almost nothing from my mother. It is better to give it when you can and to one who will appreciate it as I know you will.


  9. The view is lovely.
    Pleased your aunt and uncle are still putting up a fight. It's good that you will have something to remember them by. Pleased also that you enjoyed your break. Best wishes Lynn.

  10. I'm catching up visiting, love the photo of the looks sort of quilt like with the paned windows


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