Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mikiah Opens His "Simply Dreadful" art quilt gift from me

Click the link below (green letters) or paste the link into your browser, to see the video of my 19 yr old grand son opening his gift from me, The Simply Dreadful Art Quilt sent for Chanukah. What a gift for me my son sent in taking this UTube video of the kids opening my gifts. My grandson is obviously the young man with the real dreadlocks. The young woman with glasses next to him is his girl friend. My son's voice is behind the camera. Others are the kids mom (with silver hair); next to her is her gentleman friend; and my son's current wife, with long hair, who keeps moderating "so cool" grand daughter is heard as well and seen being silly at the very end. Tomorrow I will post the other videos he sent of my grand daughter opening her art journal I made for her. I can't seem to get them to both load in the same post. Enjoy with me!!!


  1. Hi Lynn, maybe it's me, but the link to the video doesn't work.

  2. It worked for me Lynn. And all i can say is "COOL." That is so fun to see your family admiring your wonderful work. Thanks.

  3. Wow thats cool having it on tape of GS opening that present. He said.. this is actually awesome or cool. Yes I could open it but it took a couple tries. I had to sign into my account for it to come on.
    Cant wait to see the other one.

  4. For some reason my last comment didnt go to my blog. I am testing to see if it says Cris, Artist in Oregon this time.

  5. How exciting to be able to see it on video. You can tell it was a big hit.

  6. that was so amazing - and what an open family, all inlaws and outlaws together

  7. I love the pic at the top of the blog, but artists, they weird, ha ha ha.

  8. oh can I add another cool here?
    I enjoyed this video!
    So nice to watch and your grandson is awesome with his dreads. And yes the hanger, how could he jsut not LOVE IT!

    So sweet they taped this and a You Tube of it.

    Thanks for all the sweet comment you wrote lately.
    I still have to look up the mandala quilt link . But I will.
    Just home yesterday evening and this big screen and keyboard work much better for me.


  9. Mim it's true, we all seem to get along well...old former marrieds and current marrieds together in both my and my kids generations. So good for the children no?
    I mean if we had to mess up their lives with divorce the least we can do is be amiabical now! (and have been for years!)

    Thanks all, for coming and enjoying this with me.

  10. Great video. Wishing you, your DH and Henry all the best for 2010

  11. Lovely family gathering, and I remember that quilt, so unique!


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