Sunday, February 14, 2010

28 Hearts for A Happy Valentines Day

KJ challenged me to see how many hearts I could find around my house, and then post them on Valentine's Day! I was bowled over by how many I found, and kept finding...
What could be more Loving than a long time Friendship
found on this bookmark that my friend Sam made for me
with a photo of us together
and see the heart the little girlfriends are holding below our photo...And this heart by Margaret depicts for me the love I receive in all the
warm friendships I have developed over the past few years
with all of YOU in blog land!
It came in this heart covered card too! Okay, this is the only HEART not shaped like a heart but I had to include it. It is how my DH let me know he accepted my proposal of marriage twenty five (25) years ago this April on our refrigerator with letter magnets. If that was not a HEART I don't know what was ! This one also on our refrigerator now really speaks volumes about my love of children and grand children...
This is a photo of hearts sewn free motion style on the trim of a little grand child's quilt.
Look carefully they are on the yellow trim.More pink hearts free motion sewn on my Rose quilt. A velvet heart on a fabric post card
My Queen of hearts post card made for a swap I drew and then
sewed by machine.
(from a photo) a refrigerator magnet I hope I don't need this number anytime soon
another heart shaped magnet from a quilt shop since gone out of business
hearts on a current work of art of mine
playing cards hearts hearts on a hair clip
fabric hearts a rubber stamp with hearts
a beautiful heart pin my daughter gave me many years ago
found on a sweater I went to put on while going looking for hearts
it surprised me! I didn't know it was there. How is that for synchronicity?
My Bat Mitzvah gift at age 13, this little heart shaped gold locket Yes, I still have it.
hearts on a bracelet I gave my mother and then took back
after she died
a single earring in my drawer...where is the other heart?
a doll pin a client gave me one Valentine's Day
years ago. I often wear it on Valentine's Day.
hearts I embroidered on fabric last Christmas
An open heart shaped jewelry box my Dear H brought me
from the thrift store a while ago The same heart shaped jewelry box closed
Isn't it lovely? A heart shaped photo frame
with my now five year old grand daughter's
baby picture in it a tin heart shaped box
holding magnetic shapes
the kids play with One of two pieces of Valentine Chocolate
my DH brought home from school
given to him by a student and told one heart was for him
and the other for his wife,
My heart for Haiti
How many hearts did you find? Happy Valentine's Day


  1. Happy Valentines Day to big hearted woman, you!!! LOL!!! Love all your hearts! Have a wonderful day, Lynn!!! :)

  2. Wow, I didn't think of Margaret's beautiful heart atc!! Duh!
    Blogger took me over an hour to do my post. I'm not loving the updated version.

    Anyway, wonderful hearts here! I love the jewelry box from DH.

    Happy Heart Day!

  3. So many Lynn...So nice to see such variety of hearts! Such unique pieces:))

    The bookmark is are other things too..

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Lots of hearts at your house and YES counts.

  5. OK Lynn. You aren't getting away this time. I now have your blog and I'm adding it to my sidebar.

    You have a huge collection of hearts and all have such wonderful meaning to them. This is a lovely post.

  6. What lovely hearts. I have a hear locket like yours. It was my Grandmothers. I like what I see on the portrait too. Hearts are cool on the eyes.

  7. Wow! You have a lot of love in your life. I especially loved your silver heart jewelry container and your story of your now husbands "yes" on the fridge. Great memories!

  8. you are all heart, happy vals day to you and dh.

  9. What a beautiful heart collection... I especially love the jewelry much history and emotion to them...BTW your new header rocks!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! :)

  10. Wow, you've got a lot of hearts - but you forgot three: yours, DH's and Henry V's.

  11. Holy Wow, that's a lot of hearts. I love the silver box.

  12. Wow so many nice things with hearts!!!
    A heart is such a lovely inspiring symbol, don't you think!
    Hope you V day was filled with love!!!!


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