Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FAMILY and I Cannot Get Enough of Thread Painting!!!!

On Sunday we had a lovely lovely sunny spring day to drive to our family an hour away... Uncle Harry (had a bruise on his fore head from falling again!!! But none the worst for wear it seemed today, as he was so happy to greet us and lots of family who came to visit.
John and Heidi came from their California home. Amy, Ashley, Barb, Jamie and four little kids came from Colorado! I did not get photos of everyone ...I did more talking that photo taking for a change! Art from earlier in the weekend!
More thread painting done this weekend. This is not done! A work in progress!!! Such fun.


  1. Oh, what a happy bunch of people. Your uncle is certainly enjoying this family get-together.
    Your thread painting is looking good.

  2. I've hardly seen any of my family since I moved back. I think it's the weather that's keeping us all from getting together.

    This looks like it was one happy gathering!!

    I love the thread!

  3. What a great visit! Your thread painting is so gorgeous!!! Is it expensive to do???

  4. what a happy bunch you are. Everyone is smiling so big. Love the thread painting you are doing. Looks so pretty and fun you are on a roll.

  5. I just love your thread painting. It has such soul. Your family is beautiful.

  6. Love this love~so sweet, thank you for sharing.
    Wow, this thread painting is amazing to see.
    Your, Mary

  7. works in progress are great, because there is fun to be had with where it's going to go next!!

    I spent this weekend too with lovely family and lovely it was! So important.

    Thanks for sharing,


  8. Good to see your uncle Harry happy like that!


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