Monday, February 22, 2010

De Young Museum; King Tut; Amish Quilts!

Sunday: What a Day we had. The plan was to get up VERY EARLY in the morning to get to San Francisco to be first (well almost first) in line at the de Young Museum for the King Tut Exhibit that was to be FREE this weekend! The day was overcast, foggy and City sat in grayness as seen in this photo from the Bay Bridge. It was raining when we got there. The good news was the recent museum renovation added in- house parking so we took advantage of that as there was no street parking we could see. And then we went out front to get in line. It was raining gently... and the line of people, we sure weren't anywhere near going to be first in line, was snaking around and around...
and down the street and around farther than we could see...for the end of the line.
Fortunately for us someone came along saying that museum members could go right in. We were not yet members, but I asked if we could become members NOW and get right in?
And was told YES we could. Membership for seniors was $50. Only one of us had to be a member and the other would be the guest of that member at no cost.
So in we went, signed up for 15 months of membership that gave us FREE entry to this show (King Tut; the Amish Quilt show also on now; and anything else we wanted to see today or in the next fifteen months!) We are stoked! As there will be an Impressionists show including Van Gogh in March, and other shows we are very interested in. We see our $50 paying for a lot of art and culture now and more very very soon. We were NOT allowed to photograph in the exhibits for course. But it was okay to capture some things in the hallways and gift shops...
For instance, if you'd like a gold throne this one is on sale!
And these statues were memory triggers for the absolutely awesome works of art we saw in the exhibit. The history is something DH teaches his sixth graders...And I realized I was seeing things with new eyes used to seeking out details now in art, jewelry...I don't have room enough here to describe my feelings, reactions, sense of awe I felt seeing these uncovered (1922) treasures of 3200 years ago!
Talk about being inspired...look out for bird wings in thread painting coming to this blog sometime soon.
Replica jewelry in the gift shop was very pretty indeed.
And getting into the Amish Quilt show was just icing on the cake.
Their hand stitched quilts from blue men's work shirts, pink girls dresses and trimmed in black from the women's dresses from the late 1800's -1942 was just breathtaking.
All those tiny stitches done by hand.
These are not Amish work but some tidbits found in the gift shop.
The T-shirts and cups did have pictures taken from the collection.
And we were were finally saturated in art and beauty
and got ready to leave we saw that the lines of people were still pouring in,
as the rain continued to pour down on them.
I wanted to tell them it was worth the wait!
We went from the museum to our favorite spot near the Golden Gate Bridge, The Warming Hut for coffees and cookies...The Fort Mason Used Book Store... the fishing pier...
enjoying the barking and diving sea lions...
It was worth getting up so early in the morning...
Such a good good day!


  1. I love the sound of the Amish quilts!

  2. this reminds me of the cairo museum we saw years ago, such beauty, what a wonderful day, love the quilts and the last photo is the best one. can't wait to see the next exhibition you go to (through your eyes).

  3. seems despite of the rain you had a wonderful time!!!
    I love SF! Lucky you!

  4. What a great day. All that inspiration. There is an Amish community near here. They used to have a quilt auction every year. I don't know if they still do. I have been a time or two. I could never afford the quilts but they are fun to see.

  5. I got excited for you just hearing about everything. Love those Amish quilts too! Thanks for the tour.

  6. Oh! Lynn I am really jealous. I would love to see the King Tut collection. So many beautiful things to feast your eye upon. The Amish quilts would have appealled too. Lucky you.

  7. Sounds like you mad a wise choice to join. Especially if you can go back all you want. I have seen the Van Gogh collection and other impressionist shows in LA and Loved them. I never appreciated them until I actually saw them in person. Makes a world of difference. Loved hearing about your day. Great memories and inspirations.. I cant wait to see the bird wings in thread painting.

  8. Sounds so fun. I miss SF, I lived there for 20 years next to the park. xoxo

  9. Wow lucky you what a fantastic day........I went to Tutankhamun exhibition when It was in the British Museum in London in about1972 I was at art College at the time and we went to stay in London ( a big deal for us as I came from Wales )It was fantastic.......( Gosh that's nearly 40 years ago YIKES !!! i am SURE I am NOT that old........ Lorna

  10. Oh Lynn, You are such a lucky girl to see both exhibits. That scarab would look awesome using silk or velvet for the stone inlays.

    I just ordered the companion book to the quilt show. I had a chance to look it at a recent show. There is so much inspiration in that collection.


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