Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Museum Day Photos at Cris' Request

I actually took these next two photos for Soulbrush. These lovely African animals were on display in the gift shop to coordinate with the African Exhibit going on in the museum. as were these beaded African dolls. I know she will love them as I did. A shot of folks standing in the rain outside waiting to get into the museum. there were so many visitors they had to be lined up in groups and allowed in to the exhibit so many at a time. We arrived at nine and were put in the 10:30 group! Not a bad wait. Lots of time to check out the gift shops. This piece of art was in the waiting area.
as was this timeline history...for the King Tut exhibit.
More gift shop goods...
this was the view out the door where we ate lunch at the museum lots of rain
a few more shots from the pier by the bridge of fishermen at the end of their day
More??? ****
I saw my doctor today and she took the wick out of my wound
from the cyst removal last week.
No more need to go back to her she said.
Now we let it heal...keep taking antibiotics,
apply antibiotic cream and bandage daily.
I am on the mend!
Thanks for all your concern, caring and good thoughts.
and Henry V is fit as a fiddle again too!


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  2. Great news on getting your plug out! Hope your comfort level is going up daily...

  3. Thanks for showing more of the museum inside. I like to see what they look like. Wow lots of people there in the rain. Wonder what it would have been like had it not been raining. At least you were inside and could check out the shops. Loved the photo looking out at the rain. Really showed the rain coming down too. Glad your doing better.

  4. I loved the dolls, so colourful..
    one day I will cross that bridge..ha ha!!

  5. Glad to hear you are on the mend.
    I enjoy seeing more of the museum trip. I reallllly like those beaded dolls.

  6. Wonderful museum things! I wouldn't have had the patience to wait though.

    Wow, look at el nino and all that rain!

    Yay, everyone in your house is feeling better!! ;)

  7. glad you are healing and Henry too. Wonderful stuff in that museum shop. And I adore the bridge photos.

  8. Glad you and Henry are well again.

  9. Yeah, Henry V!!!!! We are so happy to hear you are doing great again!!!
    Your friends, Doozey and Baby in Florida


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