Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Animal Wednesday and A Tad More King Tut

DH bought this Egyptian Cat at the gift shop on Sunday for his students in his classroom where he teaches history of this country and era. How fitting for Animal Wednesday! You might be surprised to learn that on my third day of posting photos from our visit to the King Tut exhibit on Sunday that I did not particularly want to go to this exhibit. I often drag my feet when DH, the historian extraordinaire, wants to drag me off to some adventure of his choosing.
I really felt like I was going to be bored silly so when I saw they also had the Amish Quilt exhibit I figured something for him and something for me...
Little did I know that I would get caught up in the awesomeness of it all. The discovery of these buried treasures; the amount of them, the age of them and then learning the history of this 9 yr old King who lived to a mere 20 years of age and all his family. I was hooked.
Not to mention how much art was involved, from gold leaf, to beads, to interesting costume/dress; and ART!
Thanks DH for doing the dragging. I am almost always happy I went and this time I was enraptured!


  1. Perfect for AW - love it. I studied Egyptology in college and boy...if I could have done something it would have been this - but you really do have to be independently wealthy to go on these digs. but what fun to see the exhibit. I'm with your hubby on this, am a history buff myself and so if my DH thank goodness. But I'd love the Amish quilt exhibit also.
    HAW Lynn

  2. I don't know of anyone that wouldn't be a convert after seeing such an exhibition. Happy AW.

  3. Funny you would say this because I was won over at an Egyptian exhibit I was dragged to, too! Nice post.

  4. Funny how we think we know what we will like or not like before seeing it. I never even thought about seeing something like this but now you have peaked my curiousity. :)) Did DH buy the poster or a statue? Its pretty cool looking actually.
    Thanks for sharing all this.

  5. i am not surprised you enjoyed this, thanks dh.

  6. Great artshow, I wish I could have gone there with you! Egyptian ancient art is so very elegant, I can imagine how you changed your mind once you were there:):) thanks to your DH:)
    Have a great day

  7. Hi Lynn! I just started participating in Animal Wednesday and wanted to introduce myself. I love your work and your blog! So many things to see. I would love to learn quilting someday, I have so much respect for that art - but first I have to get a book published! The Tut exhibit looks amazing, I'm glad you liked it and the cat is quite the prize! Growing up near NYC I was fortunate to visit the MMA many times and see the permanent Egyptian exhibit there, and I did see Tut when he came through there too, unbelievable. Great to meet you, Cheers! Susan

  8. Sometimes you are drawn in the most wonderful adventures . Good to give in and be surprised!


  9. This is totally my cup of tea...especially after teaching ancient civilazations to middle school kids for 35 years. One of the highlights of the year was always the trip to the Field Museum in Chicago...Ahh such sweet memories! :)


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