Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grateful Thursday

This Thursday I have much to be grateful for. My back is healing from it's very minor surgery (cyst removal). No more doctor visits needed, no more wick to pull out and put back; just down to one little bandage to be changed daily. My new blog friend, Becky, sent me these wonderful lino woodcuts she does in the form of this bookmark called "Aging Woman" I had admired... and these wonderful ATCS are " healing art cards"...she made for me...
Thank you Becky!
And then I received this beautiful collaged post card in the mail (naked)
from Lisa. To hear the story about it and my reaction
go to our Global Greetings Blog site to see it and
many other lovely postcards made and shared.
Love it, thanks Lisa.
So I am grateful for good health again
Good friends who send caring thoughts, words and gifts
Grateful that I have a job,
A roof over my head,
food on the table,
A caring, loving husband, who continues to change
bandages even when he is suffering from a yucky cold.
*** I hope this finds you feeling well and happy too!


  1. I am well and happy but I can't sleep. You have some really neat things from Beckie. I am glad you like your postcard.

  2. First of all, I'm so happy you're feeling better! Bummer about DH having another cold though. Let's keep Henry V healthy!

    Love the lino cuts by your new friend. Wonderful!

    And Lisa's card, wow yet again! She really does a great job with her collages and quotes. I love that it struck such a personal chord.

    Happy Grateful Thursday, and everyday ;)

  3. You have an abundance of things to be grateful for. Lovely art work you have received. So glad you are healing well. Now keep well and dont get DH's cold.

  4. That's alot of things to be happy about..good for you!
    I'm very glad you're all mended x

  5. glad your back is healing, your friends sending lovely artworks, and DH is such a good hubby and friend.

  6. what lovely stuff, so glad your back is fine now. it's his turn to get pampered it seems.

  7. Another wonderful day of thankfulness...suchlovely pieces and super awesome news about your back...:)YAY!

  8. So happy to hear your back is nearly healed now!!! Yeah!!!
    Your museum trip and King Tut trip sounded so great!!! Lisa's postcard is really neat!!!


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