Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Friday! My Weekend Begins...

I will be spending most of today working on my NYP. This is one small part of it. DH had so many bad guesses as to what it was: Something with a crown, a Christian religious object, he went on and on no where near what my intent was...only to learn he'd never ever seen one before. I sure hope YOU know what it is! Wishing you all a peaceful day. Our weather person has promised us a big wind and rain storm today, this weekend, but so far its a bit overcast, but still and dry. Time will tell.
Okay, my sewing machine is calling me...gotta go.
The fabrics here are raw silk, cotton, and a plush velvet like trim.


  1. It's really quite beautiful!! I love the rich color, to me it looks like a pomegranate!

  2. It's a pomegranate!!!! I love this Lynn!!

    Darn, Cat beat me to the punch :)

  3. I guessed correctly before reading Cat and lolo's answers. It's a beaut.

  4. I wont lie, i didnt quess but i love it all the same.

  5. This is really rich and sumptuous texture Just like the fruit !!Lorna x

  6. Oh this Pomegranate is lovely. I could tell right away. the seeds gave it away. or did you tell me.. hmm but I did know.

  7. I have seen very few pomegranates before. I hope that is what this is. It is very interesting. How you do all of those little circles with a sewing machine amazes me.

  8. This is really special, the the color. I hope your weekend is lovely, Mary

  9. This is BEAUTIFUL! I love your magical stitches and the wonderful choice of rich looking fabrics.

    I recognized the pomegranate right away. It is one of my daughter's favorite fruits.

    I must say that I can also see the crown and cross that Fred saw, even though that wasn't your intent. Perhaps I have been working with him too long. His thinking is rubbing off on me. ;-)

    Sorry this is a bit late, but thank you for posting all the wonderful information about your day at the De Young. What fun!


  10. You are all correct and thank goodness you can see that it is indeed a pomegrante! Whew!!!!
    I thought it was pretty obvious...but after DH...well!

    Teri, you had me laughing so hard with your comments on DH and yes, perhaps you have been rubbed off on by his whatever you want to call it...weird sense of humor? LOL

    Lisa, the sewing is done using a special foot that is open and a setting that allows for free motion sewing around the piece of fabric.
    Dog feet lowered, I can make the needle draw whatever I want it to draw, thus easy to make those little seed circles one after the other.

  11. Lynn, this is luscious!! I guessed it!! You are so clever with textiles!!

  12. Yes, def a pomegranate. I have tree by my door which fruits prolifically.

  13. It HAS to be a pomegranate!!! Very cool! Love the seeds inside!!!

  14. yup gotta be a pomegrante. what a beauty. see we women are all soo clever.
    well i was on the floor rolling with giggles reading this, i do that with my food shopping, rush in the door, put fridge things away and rush upstairs to my computer, leaving everything strewn around the kitchen still in the shopping bags. i hear hubby's groans from up here lol.
    wordveri: carbilyn (are you carbi today?)

  15. Lynn, I have a question for you. The stitches that are around the outside of the fruit, are those just tight zig zag stitches are or they done on a serger?


  16. Cat, the stitches around the pom are definitely zig zag stitches...I do not have a serger.
    Oh my you came back and looked at this again, how sweet!

    Soul, we are of like minds. I hear your DH groaning. LOL

    This piece really got a lot of attention. Thanks to you all participating in my guessing game.

  17. You bet I came back, I love looking at your work! It's so beautiful!

    Thanks so much for answering my question! I've seen so many pieces that use that stitch and I just wasn't sure if it was a zig zag or that I know I really want to try!

    Thanks again!!

  18. I admire your stichery and yes, I knew it was a pomegranate too. The seeds give it away, but I can see if you've never seen one before it might be tough to recognize.

  19. That is VERY obviously a pomegranate. I love them to eat and I love them in artwork! They symbolize fertility and life, don't they? This is really beautiful.

  20. Lynn I love your pomegranate and the olives too! The are both so luscious!


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