Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Know It's An Addiction When...

You know it's an addiction when you come home from the thrift store and find two other bags you bought there in the past few weeks still not opened or put away... Bag #1" four bundles of fabrics: teen green print, cute plaid, lace and hearts...when to use them?To be determined... Star earrings, just cuz; two awesome heavy metal picture frames for small photos; a ceramic stamp for clay that says "home" in a heart; a baggie of little rectangle plastic strips of what looks like needlepoint substrate??? Why? saw it as stamp for painting over paper or cloth; Did I need fifty of them? LOL A book called Live and Learn and Pass it On...with quotes to perhaps use on traveling books, postcards and/or ATCs. Bag #2: An outfit for grand daughter, hooded zip top and pants in soft fleece, good condition; two sets of animal earrings for a certain someone who likes wild animals, a bit wild herself; magnetic picture frames to be used in art work maybe; Dazzlers: rhinestones etc. and tool to put on fabric art; 2 pkts. of strung beaded embellishments for art; 4 pkts of multicolored tissue paper for lots of art and/or gift wrapping.
Bag #3: Today's score! Three brightly colored beaded gift bags; A huge page of Dilbert stickers; A set of cool words/expressions magnets for art use; a book on dream interpretation; Two books to read: by J. Gresham and A. Shreve two favs; a book about understanding money for kids; a box of flash card words for grand kids learning to read; a cobalt blue dye square to add color to wax for art making; a belt with $$$ worth of brightly colored wooden beads to take apart and use in art making; a cute box filled with small colorful paper clips shaped like dogs and cats. A little book of birthday quotes. Everything in this bag was between 50 cents and $1.50 each max.
Total: $7. (books were FREE). 13 items.
belt for the beads!
dog and cat paper clips


  1. Ha ha!
    Hope you have a HUGE house...
    I live in a very small house so try not to go overboard with the bazaar's so easy though isn't it?
    I'm missing the one tomorrow...but I think I know someone who will be going...hint? she lives further up the mountain that I live on??

  2. Yup i have this addiction .is there anything that can be done ??? or shall we just enjoy it.....My workroom is at saturation point now its getting family don't get it at all..Lorna xx

  3. ps thanks for lovely comments on my blog .appreciated....x

  4.'re addicted. I think we all have to come over to your house and have an intervention and force you to give us all some goodies.

  5. Wow! what a haul! love the beads, the clips, the books, the fabric, etc.

    I wanna go thrifting with you!!

    I'm an addict, too. ;)

  6. LOL.. This brought a chuckle this morning. You do love a good hunt in a junk store and you can find more goodies. But then I believe you do use a lot of it. I think your art is inhanced by what you see and find. Especially your last art book page. It was inspired by your trip to the King Tut museum. We do need something around us to create art with or you cant really create. So I am giving you a green light on your addiction as long as some, not needed, goes out of your house eventually. :)))
    Oh dear. Word Verification is.. movelly.. hmmm lol

  7. I really don't know anybody who has more fun and finds more treasures at a sale!! I know we see some of this' stuff' in future art!

  8. You always find the greatest treasures!!!!!!!!

  9. goodies, goodies, goodies! I am the same but for me it's usually little bits of paper and stickers and stuff for scrapbooking.

  10. What lovely finds. It is a bit of an addiction isn't it. You just can't help yourself can you.
    I think Jude was refering to me in her comment. AND YES I WAS THERE. Got some good stuff. I might post about it. My new motto, Do what you enjoy doing, doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

  11. The first step is admitting you have a problem!! :P

    Lynn, my goodness some people would trade addictions with you any day! I can't wait to see what you make out of some of this stuff.
    I'm going to go through my studio again and get another pile ready for you :)

  12. You have a VERY interesting and exciting thrift store! Ours is mostly full of clothes and furniture. Not fun at all. Hope to see new and exciting things from all these finds.

  13. OOO, where is your thrift store and can I go with you next time?!! Love your finds. You know, I think we share a common thread with our found "treasures." LOL!! I just found some ink blending tools I purchased two years ago. I knew they were somewhere! They were stashed away BEFORE I had my art space. I know, I know. Excuses excuses. But that's the truth! LOL!

  14. what a huge treasure for a quilter...
    i wait to see them in your works...


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