Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun Meet Up results in Quilted Business Card Holder

Yesterday I drove to Davis to meet Hannah Klaus Hunter and her sister, A. I carried a copy of Quilting Arts magazine as my carnation of identification. No need, I recognized Hannah from behind at the coffee line from her blog photo.
I realize I don't get out a lot to meet new people and wondered what I'd talk about. I am laughing now, and if Hannah is reading this she is near hysterical I imagine, as I talked and talked and talked. I imagine I told them more about myself than they ever wanted to know or cared about. But I had fun. My energy level had returned after my little health break and I was "happily high" on life.
It was delightful for me to meet these interesting women and to share our interests in our work, art and lives. Since they are way more "private persons" than myself, I'll let you meet Hannah through her blog. She is new at blogging, so I invite you to go there and liven it up with your energy and art sharing, become a follower, bring your friends and enjoy learning more about her and her wonderful art. HERE. You can say Lynn sent you! ;-)
We shared business cards, and Hannah mentioned that she'd love to have a quilted fabric card holder. So what do I do? I come home, find a pattern on line and make her one. Shown above.
I hope you like it Hannah.
Now it won't be a surprise next Sunday when I go to her home for a Collage Salon! I can hardly wait!!!!


  1. I used to worry about having nothing to say. Have gotten over that worry, as I usually just blab all!!!
    Glad you had a nice time

  2. Exactly...... :)

    Fun story Lynn!
    Love that card holder!!!! What a great idea.
    Went over and I loved those quilt with the circles!

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Wow, this business card holder is gorgeous. You did an awesome job. Gotta love the crayon holder.

    It's always nice when like minded friends can get together. Sounds like a fun time.

  4. Yes, it sounds like you gals had too much fun. Love the card holder.

  5. great card holder!! Now, I'm interested in the 'collage salon'!!

    Sounds like you had a blast!

  6. I loved the card holder.You did a great job as usual.
    Quite frankly, I like meeting with people who talk. Its much better then wondering what to say next to keep the conversation going & wishing it would just get over. LOL

  7. Nerves seem to let the tongue run wild sometimes. LOL!! At least you said something. LOL!
    Love the quilted card holder. Great colors and stitching.

  8. What a fun day and I am not surprised you had much to say and then ran home and created yet another piece of art!

  9. Love the business card holder. I am glad you had a great time meeting new friends. Meeting bloggers is always fun.

  10. Lynn, thank you so much for your kind words, and the link to my book. Your stiching and art quilts are so beautiful and creative! roxanne

  11. Lynn,

    So much fun to hear the story from your side. I love the fish--and they have a special meaning for me. About talking: don't think I've ever had coffee at Peet's without a good, long talk to go with it! I look forward to our next Shabbat klatch...:)

  12. Yes...I agree...I am interested in the Collage Salon!!! Sounds very intreguing!!!

  13. OOOOH MY! What a great card holder...make some more to sell...I think we all need one! LOL :)


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