Saturday, February 20, 2010

Work Done Today on NYP; Henry Back to Vets!

I had fun today at home at my sewing machine working on my NYP! Sewing words free motion style on silk from India!A pasha from the Hebrew Bible on cotton cloth on silk on linen. Thread painting a butterfly on muslin with silk bits and purple thread.
Almost done with this part of the process...
I love the way the silk circles pop up when sewn around.
******* Henry V came in limping this morning.
Put him immediately in his carrier and took him to the vet to get checked out.
All the vets were in the parking lot???
Turns out the business had been robbed the night glad I didn't call first
as they may have turned me away. All their computers were stolen, stuff all over the floor...
But the vets took pity on me and Henry and agreed to examine him.
No broken bones found. In fact he stopped limping in the office.
Vet said he was masking it like a animal in the wild protecting itself from predators.
She decided it might well be a pulled muscle and put him on bed rest for two days.
Henry agreed and slept all day long in the art studio
while I was busy at my sewing machine.
Hopefully he'll feel better in the morning. He did continue to limp once home again.


  1. The art project is coming right along. Beautiful colorful silk.

  2. such beautiful work! Hugs to Henry!

  3. Oh, my heart goes out to Henry!!! He looks just like my cat, Baby! Here are some older pics I had put on the blog of My BABY cat. Yes, he is a boy named Baby! LOL! My dtr. named him when she was young...she wanted a girl, but got a boy!!!

    Hope Henry feels better soon, gosh darn it!

    Your sewing is so beautiful. The words you sewed makes me think of these large panels hanging from a new church I have been attending, where they all hang straight down with different words like this and they are all done completely in felt! The church feels so warm and has such a homey feel to it, and a large part of it is due to these felt words! Yours look awesome!!!

  4. WOW..Your NYP is coming along nicely. I love what you are doing. That butterfly is awesome. The thread painting seems to go so well with her lush material and yet be Artsy too. Poor Henry. Hope he gets to doing better soon.

  5. oy vey, with henry's leg and your back, you are a pair of 'alter kakkas' (hope you know that yiddish expression, i love using it) just means two old farts!!! how is your back now? love all you do with those magic fingers.

  6. beautiful projects Lynn!

    Oh my, the vets were robbed? Poeple are looking for drugs everywhere these days. Hopefully they left the patients alone.

    here's to henry mending quickly!

  7. HAHA - a pair of alta cockers - hahaha!!!. good one soul

    really, poor henry but lucky henry to have you to love him and take care of him

  8. It is always scary when our pets are not well, I just know Henry will be just fine. And from one chicken to another, I am not a good patient. If it hurts, it hurts...not a good fun thing!
    I can't say enough about your thread amazing!

    Have a great weekend,

  9. is he on metacam? sometimes they feel so good that they do get a bit overactive and reinjure themselves. Bedrest is good, especially for a cat, hahameow

  10. What an agreeable cat...agreeing to rest the whole day like that! I LOVE the new work you've done on the NY Project. WOW.

  11. Hi Lynn, love your work.
    Poor Henry, poor vets, what's the world coming too.
    Please to hear that the patient did as ordered and took bed rest.

  12. Poor Henry!
    What a shame to rob a vet post! People stop at nothing.......

    Hope H will be fine soon!

  13. Here's wishing a speedy recovery for Henry! We had a wonderful time getting to know you on Saturday and I look forward to more creative get-togethers. I love your blog!--Amelia

  14. I love your words sown on the silk. One day I will definitely commission something from you. Henry is hilarious - masking his limp at the vet's office. Ha. Clever cat. Read a few blog posts down - glad your cyst removal went smoothly and all is well.


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