Friday, February 19, 2010

Almost Done! Threadpainting 2

Here is the continuation of thread painting on this second piece. Adding day and night colors behind the trees. Today it will be completed. ******
Saw the doctor yesterday morning and had my "wick" changed again.
This is a slightly nerve wracking process
just because I am a big baby in a doctor's office
but it only hurts for a minute or two
and then it's done
and I am fine to go.
Next change will be again on Monday,
and then we'll see if it needs another or not.
Visualize complete healing between now and then please!
In the meantime
visualize me at home
enjoying my day off
being creative in my "studio"
making some thing arty!
And on Saturday I will be meeting up with an artist
whose work I have seen in two gallery shows,
talked to on line (her blog, my blog, facebook and email)
and finally will be meeting in person!
How exciting is that!
Hannah Hunter is an incredible mixed media artist who works in
paper and fabric making collages and art quilts.
Click on her name and see some of her wonderful art work.


  1. i like this threadpainting style very much... your work emits good vibrations...

    wish you a very speedy healing

    much love

  2. oh wow this is sooo lovely, and that header, the very best. glad back is healing now, i am so surprised you hate the doctors so much, must have had a bad experience years ago i am sure.i prefer physical pain to mental pain any day!!

  3. Love this thread painting. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  4. How big is this thread painting? Thats a lot of work you put into there. Its fun to see what you come up with and do. Looking good.
    Glad the back is healing. Hope its almost healed come Monday. I see it healed you know. :)

  5. Your thread painting is coming along. I really must make time to have a go at this but I have one or two projects that I need finished up before I start something else. Keep up the good work.

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  7. Sorry to be late here.
    I have missed so many of your postings!

    Lovely thread creation.
    You are so creative Lynn and I am happy that yo will be meeting with cool artist too.

    Take care and have a great weekend ahead!

  8. This is a small threadpainting 8" X 11" is all.

    Soul: I don't hate doctors, I fear pain. Not sure what early life experiences caused me to be so but have always been this way.
    And I find it hard to compare mental to physical pain...pain is pain is pain. It all hurts.

    Thank you all for your good wishes for my healing needs. Much appreciated.

  9. Hi Lynn thanks for visiting my blog ....yes Pooh sticks comes from the stories of AA milne and Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin..........I love your swirly thrtead painting it's so Klimt like ....Lorna

  10. I love watching your progress with these thread paintings. You must be grinning ear to ear when you are stitching.


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