Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Has Sprung! Gifts Galore! Oh Happy Days!!!

It's Grateful Thursday and I have SO MUCH to be grateful for! The weather here in our neck of the woods is sunny and warm. I go to work wearing a light weight cotton sweater, no jacket needed even after work at six pm. My peach tree is starting to bloom, buds have popped out all over it's limbs... the grapefruit tree is laden down with fruit...
I replanted this jade from a huge plant raised and nurtured by my Aunt Mimi...not sure where the gigantic plant went when she/they moved to assisted living care...I think my cousin Judy must have taken it to her garden, as she by far has the greenest thumb in our family...
my daffodils are in full bloom now...
and goodies arrived this past week from abroad...her name is Joss and she lives in London. She made this ATC for me in our ABC ATC Blog swap. Everyone there referred to them as my "magic fingers" with fabric! How sweet is that? Thank you Joss. She her blog here.
She also sent a few other cards of interest to me...
I love the art and fabrics on both...
and on a different day she sent me this wonderful UK magazine on paper craft! You are ever so good to me!
Thank you again...I am ever so grateful for your gifts and art...
Also this week I am grateful for my dear friend Patty, who came to town to get her car fixed and then took ME to lunch (and would not let me pay!) What's a gal to do? Thank you Patty. I love and treasure our time together.
And I am grateful to my DH for holding my feet while being cut upon last Friday...and being there to change my bandages every day since. What would I do with out YOU? It's good to be grateful.
What are you grateful for today?


  1. oh what I get jealous! Here in Sweden, it is unusually cold and much snow this year, has not been so for many many years! And now it get even more snow, I am so tired of it!
    So I enjoy your nice pictures and wish I was there

  2. enjoy enjoy enjoy, and you have a dh in a million, and maybe just maybe spring will get to london sometime.

  3. Your spring photos are so encouraging Lynn. I can't wait to have such sights here. I am so thankful for my good health, warm house,family and friends.

  4. Wonderful photos!! Very encouraging :)

    Looks like someone in London spoiled you this week!!! Joss is so giving.

    Lots to be thankfrul for Ms. Lynn. Me too! Just waking up to another day is enough for me most days ;)

  5. Isn't it fun to see all the lovely things blooming and then get some lovelys in the mail from friends? Yes there is lots to be thankful for one just needs to see it.

  6. you have many good friends indeed, both near and far. I too am a bit envious of all these flowers. But on a good note, the snow is melting today.

  7. I looked at this earlier and thought I commented. oops. Spring is looking good there too and all the goodies you got are fantastic.

  8. I am so grateful for my health! And my animal boys and friends and blog friends and art and books and
    the sunshine and on and on...

  9. It is so nice to realize all the things to be grateful for..... I do it every day.
    Lovely gifts you had there.
    I wpould be grateful for those signs of Spring:)


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