Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Hint of Thread Painting/Drawing

A hint of thread painting I did today at home...I gave myself the day off to stay home and work on my NY Project. I sewed on a paper photo allowing the bobbin thread to draw for me on the fabric side that would become the top of the piece. The fabric is beige linen. I am using rayon Sulky threads in three shades (light peach, rust brown, dark brown and one multi shades of browns.) I am very pleased with the outcome. A new way for me to do a portrait on fabric.


  1. Great Lynn. I want to do more thread painting too. Great to see what you're up to. Please show it when it is finished.

  2. This will be so fabulous. Love the color shades you are showing us here.

  3. this is wonderful...are you sewing on the photo? will the photo be removed? not that it matters--it is so cool!

  4. Lisa, thanks.
    Corryna, will do. and Thanks.
    Cris, thanks.
    Suki, thanks.
    Mary, the photo is on the back and yes, I sew on it directly. It may or may not be removed. Will see if necessary for texture. The linen is fairly thick so don't really feel the paper underneath as batting is layered between fabric and paper. I also sew on the fabric after most of it is outlined add extra texture where I want it.

  5. Wow, very effective way to do hair. Curiously I painted hair today and I could have used your hair!

    Wow and you took the day off?!!

  6. this is Fantastic, Lynn!! You amaze me!!

  7. What a great idea. Beautiful work Lynn


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