Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Animal Wednesday

Henry is doing well
Hanging out at home; sleeping as we speak...but is back to his normal routine of going in and out, enjoying the bit of sunshine we are enjoying right now. As for me, I've am trying to pull away from the computer to get busy on my NYP (New York Project)...doing research, which means returning to the computer; going over e-letters from the person I am making it for; pulling fabrics from my stash...oh I must get back to it now. I have the luxury of a free morning mid week to do this and the clock is ticking that time away. ButI wanted to come in and say hi at least and Happy Animal Wednesday!
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  1. It is so good to see Henry enjoying the sun. Good luck on your project and HAW.

  2. so happy to see henry happy again. good luck with the project.and HAW

  3. So happy that Henry is doing fine again!
    Now that's a happy Animal Wednesday!

    Hugs for his Majesty!

  4. Henry and ARtist Unplugged are in the same mood today!


  5. glad Henry is well, and glad you are keeping out of trouble

  6. hello lynn, hello henry, nice to have a little time to catch up and wind down, huh?


  7. Henry really appreciates all your wonderful words of caring for his well being! He says Thanks!

  8. Glad to hear all is well. He looks very comfy.


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