Friday, February 12, 2010

I survived!

The procedure is done. Thank you all for you kind thoughts, sent energy, healing blessings etc. It helped a lot and I appreciate you so much. I will be a bit uncomfortable for ten or so days while this heals and I return to the doctor several times over that period to have a "wick" removed from my back that is, as I understand it, soaking up the bad stuff still there so no more cysts form, and then replaced again. But I'll take it easy this weekend, and then return to work on Tuesday. Thanks again for holding my hand. DH went in with me and actually held my feet. That was sweet too.


  1. So glad all went well.
    Wick? does she replace it each time? Does she know what caused the cyst in the first place?
    NO scratching now. :))

  2. So glad it went well....
    I love the thread painting, is there one piece of fabric underneath or is there wadding too?
    What a wonderful experience for the grand children, sun and snow...lovely combination!!
    Take care.

  3. Glad to hear you were able to get done that which will make you feel better. And your grandkids are adorable!

  4. ooh, an ick-wick. try to leave it alone :)

    Speedy healing Lynn!

  5. I hope you can sleep but maybe you dont sleep on your back.? Glad it went well and nurse DH came along. Let him do all the work this WE. Take care.

  6. So glad that you are doing ok Lynn. Take it easy. ((hugs))

  7. Oh, gosh Lynn...keep up the good recovery!!! I will have you in my prayers!!!

  8. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound. I love the trees you quilted for the Art Shine challenge.

  9. I love the thread painting you are amazing with this machine.
    Also that you are now healing..take care of you Dear Friend, Hugs mary


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