Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Joy, ART and Health Report!

I'll be sewing all morning on these spiral trees for Kelly's book in Art Shine...Thread painting... takes time and patience, and lots of rests in between sessions...or one would go...
blurried eyed...
In the meantime I am thinking of my grand kids, who, as Californians who live in the Middle of the State, have to GO TO THE SNOW if they want to see any...went to the snow last weekend and had their very first ski lessons...
I think GD looks a bit like Pippy Long Stockings here!
GS is a proud first time skier!
Notice the snow, and then the fact that the sun is shining and jackets have been taken off!
Grandma is going under the knife today
local anesthetic
in the doctors office
no big deal
she said
just a removal of a rather large
cyst that started
bothering her
so soon it will be gone
! I'm only telling you this
as too many good thoughts
flowing my way
can only make
it easier
Thanks in advance.
4:30 p.m. PST


  1. owiee! good luck lynn, hopeing for a real quick recovery

  2. Love the trees! Hope all is well and your feeling good.

  3. Your thread painting looks gorgeous and tedious. Best of luck with your surgery. Healing thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  4. always the best of happy thoughts your way Lynn! Along with healing light and energy!

    Those trees are looking so amazing...I wonder if there is a free motion foot available for my machine...this has me wanting to try!

    The GK's are gorgeous!!

  5. soon the memory of the cyst
    will disperse like a thin mist
    and those healing hands
    plant more trees on the fabric
    and in the land


    wish you a swift recovery
    much love

  6. Oh Lynn, wish you all the best for that surgery, I send some warm wishes in your direction too!

    The spiral trees are gorgeous and so are your grandkids:)

    Have a good weekend, and recovery quickly,

  7. Love the thread paiting. She will love it too. Cute seeing the kids in snow country with skis. and hoping the operation is done quickly and painless.

  8. oops. love the thread painting.. not paiting.. lol

  9. Sending prayers and healing thoughts to you as you be brave. Hope all goes well. Rest up after. Lovely thread trees

  10. Sending those healing hugs for an easy time and quick recovery.

    That thread painting looks awesome!!

  11. I tried to leave a comment on Artshines but for some reason all the other comments block everything. It must ne a glitch with my computer :(

    Anyway, basically I was going to say WOW!! How time consuming byt beautiful.
    Adorable pics of the kids too :)

  12. firstly i am/was/ will be thinking of you- it's probably all done by now. take care this weekend and get spoilt rotten for valentine's day. and yes she does look like pipi longstocking and is a real little doll.

  13. First thanks everyone for your sending of postive thougts my way. I don't go to the doc till 4:30 today which is three more hours away. All this attention is making me nervous. LOL what a way to get comments on ones blog! Funny me.

    Cat, a darning foot works if you can't get a free motion foot. You just need to be able to lower your feed dog (dog feed? feet? (I think that is what it is called) under the plate under the needle. There are ways of getting around even this if your machine won't lower them. Let me know I'll look it up for you.

  14. Lynn,

    I just read your post and looked at my clock. It is 3:57. I am so glad that I will be able to send up prayers prior to your procedure, which I will definitely do!

    Wishing you love and healing.


    PS Thanks for sharing your precious grandchildren and amazing talent with us. Your trees are beautiful.

  15. I love your work...Those tress are magnificent... and your grandchildren...the most magnificent of all. Such endearing photos! :) Glad you are home feeling better...:)

  16. Oh those trees are fab!!!!!
    And so are your grandkids!
    I have been missing such lately.......

  17. Hope you are 100 % ok by now??????
    Sending healing thoughts your way just in case......


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