Saturday, March 13, 2010

Art Gallery: Student Show

I went over to the art gallery yesterday to respond to a call for volunteers to come and fold flyers/mailers for the upcoming juried art show next month. I enjoyed my time there talking to Susan, the new director and Estelle, who has helped out there for well over a year or more at the front desk. I folded for a couple of hours and then I walked around looking at the art. Before I did a group of kids from a local school came through to see the show and it was fun watching them look and vote for their favorites... It was quite a mix of photography, digital photography...
paintings, and drawings...
I've always liked this photo that I first saw in the book Family of Man years ago. I liked the way this student/artist took the photo outside it's previous boundaries...
and I loved this piece of sculpture. It just made me smile big time.
This one was so teenage attitudinal.
The title is: "Life Sucks".
don'tcha just love it?
I liked this prize winner...
and I liked this one nearby even more
maybe because it conveyed a different emotion to me
and made me FEEL more.
This didn't win an prize either, but to me it conveyed a lot of emotion.
I voted for this mixed media collage!
I thought it was fun. I volunteered to be available to help on the day the judges
judge the works to be in the juried show!
I learned so much last time, I am sure this year will
be as meaningful and helpful for me.
The judges this year are female too.
Last year they were all male.
I am curious to see if that makes a difference and if so how. ****
I also went to the thrift store yesterday
to satisfy my addiction;
to drop off a big bag of books for their free shelves;
and to buy some really cool stuff!


  1. Hi Lynn what a great show ......I am off to charity shops today I'll let you know what treasures I find
    Lorna xx ( its a great addiction cheap and good for the environment)

  2. I love teenage artwork - to them it is all new and poignant and meaningful - just lovely!

  3. There are some lovely works of art there Lynn. No wonder you enjoyed yourself. I liked the faceless couple (for want of a better discripyion), but they are all good.

  4. This art is full of inspiration. I like the way you highlighted the art that moved you instead of going strickly by what others thought. I love that picture of the couple without faces. It does have lots of emotion in it. And sometimes life does suck. Ha...

  5. Wow, there's uber talent in these kids!! I hope many of them are encouraged to pursue art. I'm quite impressed!

    I hope you scored big yesterday:)

    And I'm loving that personal award from Deepa! Very cool.

  6. You have come a long ways since first joining to put you artwork in there. Now you are going to be a jurist... It will be interesting who wins this year because each one of us sees something different when we look at someones art. How fun to be able to do that. Nice show too.

  7. I love student artwork! It's the best and so full of inspiration!

  8. i love kids' art work! i love the way they filter what they've learned in art class, in the world and in the culture and how they rearrange it and put it all together. thanks for the share and the smile ;-)

  9. I just love student art shows. Thank you for bringing us along on this one.

  10. Thanks for stopping by, Lynn. So sweet to hear from you. I like the piece you voted on, too. I really liked the faceless couple. Too bad it didn't win anything. Shows how much I know about art!

  11. Fun to walk round the "gallery" with you and see what talented young kids can do if they put their heads into it! Not all texting and facebook, yay!

  12. I enjoyed looking at all the art work that you enjoyed. I love "gathering" color. Looks like you had a lot of fun and so did the students.


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