Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Traveling Art Book Comes Home

I can barely remember creating these pages for my "Girlfriend's Traveling Sketchbook" last June. The finished book arrived on my doorstep yesterday! What a treat is was to hold the book at long last nine months later...the amount of time it takes to birth a baby!
This beautiful "Picasso For Lynn" page is by Babs W. A wonderful mixed media collage of cut and heavily painted papers. It looks and feels terrific. Thanks Babs. I love it.
Cathie made her page of "Lumiere Metallic paint base, fiber embellished panel with utee powder, embossed square." The inside square is heavily textured yarns and fabrics beautifully machine stitched and sweetly embellished with flower. The outer gold square is painted fabric and shines beautifully. Cathie, thank you, I love and appreciate the work that went into making this page.
Lynette C. called this page "Daydreaming for Lynn's book" and said it's "acrylics on 140 lb. watercolor paper with pieces from collaged painting on yupo paper and a piece of silver ribbon."
It too is richly textured and painted. Can you see my cat looking out the window? Thank you Lynette this page is quite wonderful in all ways.
This subtle black, gray and white piece is untitled by Karen M. I am guessing it is paint or ink over printed matter and has a digital photo (which I just SAW) eyes looking back at me giving it a dream like quality to be sure. Wow, lots to see here. Thanks Karen, very provocative.
Mim made the next page and it is an exciting highly textured page of net covering painted paper and fabrics, stamps, embellished metal pieces (heart and key); ;and her signature hidden here fish! A really fun page to give my undivided attention to. Thanks Mim. Delightful.
Suki called her page "Threads", and although I had no theme, she and others managed to make my pages quite personal for me given my use of thread and sewing in my art work. Suki layered paper, netting and threads of all imaginable types, lace edgings, gold edgings, beads and a needle threader! Love it!!! So ME! Thanks friend.
Karen C. does beautiful delicate quilting and this page is no exception. Three appliqued butterflies are hand embroidered, as is the painted fabric background. Very soft, very pretty.
Thanks Karen, suits me perfectly.
Kate, who started this book project, gave me another quilted page, this time using wonderful textured and colorful papers, with ink drawn black stitches to hold them together. She backed her page with a lovely poem by Elizabeth C. Yates that starts off..."Great-Grandma made a "Friendship quilt"... How perfect. Kate called her page "Life is Like A Patchwork Quilt." And so it is. Very pretty Kate, thanks so much.
And last, but certainly not least, is a page from Soulbrush, my dear friend, who paints from her very soul. This page is thick with paint, rich in texture, and warms MY SOUL. Thank you so much. I do love your page! It looks like an art quilt to me!
This is the first Traveling Art Book that I was invited to join last June 2009 by Katie W., who started the Girlfriends group and blog. You can see all the books finished thus far on that blog here.
I feel so lucky to have all this wonderful art
from so many talented artists from
around the world.
Thanks again to each of you.
We'll always be Girlfriends!


  1. so glad you got it back - wow it's been a long time! I don't know where mine is but am hoping that it comes home soon!

  2. oh my goodness - my nephew must have logged on to google and here I am leaving messages with his name!!! that first message is me Lynn - not 17 year old Brian

  3. Lovelove love it! Soul b's looks wonderful from here...

  4. What fun to have another book back. Such inventive pages.

  5. Another treasure trove Lynn! These books are so special.

  6. Thats quite a fun book. How many have you back now? Doesnt seem that long ago to me that you all started this. Enjoy.

  7. WOW Lynn this is FAB how lucky are you ??........I so want to be included if you do another one Lorna xx

  8. Gorgeous pages Lynn!
    That was quick!

    Love that page with the butterflies.

    Have a nice Sunday!

  9. I love the Daydreaming for Lynn page. Too Cute

  10. thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to show us every single page, they are all superb.

  11. You are so lucky! What a wonderful book. It must be so exciting to find it in the mailbox.

  12. A beautiful book ... each page is gorgeous ... I love the concept

  13. Wow Lynn, it is absolutely gorgeous!! Each page is so special and creative!

  14. Yeaa, Lynn, your book made it back home! I'm glad I got to participate in making one of the pages and your book looks so awesome!!

  15. What an awesome book. I can see how rewarding it is when you finally get your book back..


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