Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday in Benicia for Breakfast

Sunday morning DH said lets go to Benicia for breakfast...We ate here!
I ordered the bagel with everything, which was a freshly baked warm toasted sesame seed bagel, with cream cheese, delicious smoked salmon, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, capers and dill!
After we ate we walked by the water, taking to sea gulls, egrets, geese, wrens, ducks, and each other. A sweet time standing on the pier looking out on Mt. Tam, seeing Sierra Mts. in the distance covered in snow, soaking in the sun and wild flowers, watching the water, rocks and small waves.
From there we went to a few art galleries, talked to the artists in residence, visited an antique shop; saw a red 1957 Chevy like my dads yellow one of that era; and after a few hours got in the car and came home.
A sweet day.
I went to the second of four Soulcollage (circle R trademark)
classes in the late afternoon and will post about that tomorrow. Stay tuned.
Sunday was also Mike of Jazz, Blues, Bridge 'n Stuff
birthday! Happy Birthday Mike.
I took this photo just for you.


  1. what a lovely part of the world to live, and the weather does make all the difference. love the springy new header too.

  2. What a wonderful day. So good to hear you had such a great weekend of R&R.

  3. What a lovely day you had. Very picturesk too. I need to spend more time looking at the collage and will later but I was struck by the painting of the sax player. That could be my Dad alth it isnt. I have a photo of him in that exact pose. Wow. I must dig it up.

  4. hi lynn, what a collage of a day you had! the sun and sky and one good bagel make all the difference!


  5. Aw, how sweet of you to take a picture for my brother for his birthday. You are always so thoughtful.

  6. This reminds me of how Arney and I like to spend time. We like to just be together sharing the things we love...
    Love this, Mary

  7. What a lovely day! WOW...breathtaking, I can imagine with all that beauty!!!

  8. LOVE the painting! Any idea who it is? Looks like a baritone sax.


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