Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Second SoulCollage Group Session

My Sundays are becoming so I sit with these interesting women and we share our lives through art making with each other. This weeks assignment was the Committee card.
Ours was to make two cards, one that spoke to us about the part of me who likes to make art; and the second was about the part of me who gets in my way of making art. These are two cards done by one of the participants.
I loved her two themes using water, one sinking and one swimming! This was someone else's colorful example of their love of color in creating.
After we made the collages we were invited to write in the form
"I am the one who..."
And finally these are my two collages.
The one on the left is me getting in my way of creating
and the one on the right is me enjoying the creating!
I was surprised to find that the expressions were not that
dissimilar! I guess I emote strongly doing both.


  1. How wonderful to create in an inspiring environment with like minded people ....Lucky you ....I do miss being at university for this reason ( dont miss the hard work ) i graduated with an honours degree in textiles 3 yrs ago. Lorna

  2. What fun. These sessions could be eye opening.

  3. Glad you are enjoying yourself and learning about yourself at the sametime. Very interesting. I would be stumped at what to do in someting like this. You never seem to be stumped at anything. Could that be the therapist coming out?

  4. Wow what a lovely workshop that seems!
    You made some wonderful cards and I love those water cards!
    You enjoy your Sundays!

  5. I know it is hard work, but what a great looking group to work with. I love the cards...
    About this self portrait, thank you for making a comment, I do not do faces, and I am sure this looks better than me.
    Hugs, Mary

  6. What great fun. I wish there was a Soul Collage group near me. Lucky You!

  7. this looks like such fun...lucky you!

  8. Very interesting stuff, and what fun to meet people doing the same thing - how many more sessions do you have?

  9. i did this course through the web, and it just wasn't the same as being in a group, this must be highly therapeutic. your right hand image looks like a cross, and it disturbs me slightly- not sure why, it is as if you are calling for help? wow, what a strange reaction!

  10. It seems like you have very fun! Looks like a wonderful workshop
    Thank you for your nice comment / Gunnel

  11. This group sounds like so much fun and the cards are GREAT!

  12. I am totally jealous. Just looks like you are having all the fun.

    Well I am glad someone is. lol.

    We should have art groups we do street musicians. The world would be a better place I think.

  13. In your page where you are enjoying looks like you are surprised it worked and you are so excited that you are bouncing off the a jack in the box the has sprung, it is exuberant. And I really think that must be how it is in your studio!!

    I don't imagine you staying in the place of your left card. I just don't think you will allow it. You have too many tricks up your sleeve to be pulled down.

  14. In the SoulCollage classes I attended, there was always someone who ended up in tears. It's a highly emotional process as I'm sure you've guessed by now ;)

    I love all the cards. Her approach (the facilitator) seems to be different in that she gave you all a theme. I would have loved to be a part of it!


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