Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Antiques and Artists Work

On Sunday we stumbled onto this fun little art gallery studio called The Faux Lauvre. The artist of all this body of work is Mernie Buchanan of Benicia. ( She told us how she goes to art museums and copies the paintings of old masters and then she finds ornate picture frames which she also paints to frame them in.
They are colorful and fun.
This is a painting she said she did of her great grandmother.
We also visited this little antique shop I like for all it's old clothes from
eras long gone.
I liked the beads on the blue dress and wondered what I could make out of them,
but I left it there.
Loved the white lace too.
And hats. My mother wore hats, and gloves and pretty dresses and high heel shoes,
and had her nails and hair done every week.
Another era gone by.
What old memories still linger in your mind today?


  1. I love this artist and her frames. wow. very colorful and victorian. Loved the lace clothes in that shop. My Grandmother had glasses like her ..was it her grandmother?.. she painted. Must have been the think at that era.

  2. oops.. must have been the THING .. not think of that era. lol

  3. Those frames she does are awesome! many customs are all behind us now. I sometimes wonder if society will ever swing back to a formal way again. It is interesting to think about. I can't imagine it ever happening just because of all the work involved. Stern, solomn fathers I hope are definately a way of the past!!!

  4. Oh wow all of this brings back a feeling indeed.
    I love that white hat!!!! I love hats but never wear them.....

    What fun to stumble upon all of this!

  5. Oh, I can't imagine the bliss of finding this place...dreamy, vintage and yes, I love that white hat, too!


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