Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lots of Gift Art On Grateful Thursday!

This wonderful Picasso Nude came early from Marianne for our "N" in the ABC ATC blog swap! So sensuous and beautiful. Thank you Marianne. I do love your art so much. Cat made this watercolor postcard for me in our Global Postal Postcard exchange! So colorful and spring like. Her art is simply delightful. Thanks Cat. This really made me smile.
And then I met a new blogger, and had the gal to enter her giveaway, which I then WON!
This is hand dyed in the snow fabric. The colors are vibrant. And she gave away a huge amount so there is plenty to make something really special with.
Thank you so much Wil. And I hope this brings you many new followers to your wonderful blog.
And my dear friend, Suki, asked if I might be interested in reading this book. It has a Jewish theme and is on my bedside table waiting for me now.
Thanks Suki for your thoughtfulness.
Life is good.
I'm glad to have this opportunity to thank each and every one
of you who takes the time to come to my blog, read what I write,
see what I do, and especially for taking the time to leave
a few words now and then.
I appreciate you so much!


  1. Love ya right back Lynn...Great little goodies...can't beat a gift made from the heart!!! Can't wait to see what you do with that gorgeous fabric too!!! Hugs! :)

  2. lots of great goodies - that fabric is awesome.

  3. oh lucky you, what a great day thankful thursday is!

  4. You have great goodies here Lynn. I think you were mooned all the way from Holland. ;)

  5. wow! you scored! great card from Marianne!! And that fabric is OMGosh Gorgeous!! It's always so much fun to have a new book to read too, I just finished reading 3 this week, a Nora Roberts trilogy, not bad either..

    Have a wonderful Thursday, Lynn! Glad you like the 'lampshade' looking flower! ;)

  6. I think marianne has her entire alphabet done! She sent my "P" a while ago but I will wait for her to post it. I love that moon nude!

    That book has your name all over it. Very astute and generous of Suki to pass it along.
    And that fabric, wow! Dyed in the snow no less. Amazing!

    Happy Thankful Thursday! You deserve it all. :)

  7. Great collection of fun stuff! It is fun to be in a group where you get stuff every week - I eagerly check my mailbox everyday.

  8. Isn't it amazing how we can know whose it is just by looking at it?! That fabric is to die for and I know something beautiful will come from it!!

  9. Some great goodies. wow. Love that material and all the goodies. How fun to see what everyone sends and does.

  10. and we all sure appreciate you lynnie.

  11. All so wonderful, Lynn!!! Congrats! I, too, can't wait to see what you will do with that fabric!!! :)


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