Friday, March 19, 2010

Date Night Out on the Town; The Old West Trio, Sketches and Cappicino

How do they make this picture on the foam of my cappuccino? It was so pretty I almost didn't want to drink it. But I found that I could sip the coffee and the picture stayed till the very end~ Nummy~! DH came home from work and said let's go! We headed to El Dorado Hills (a scant fifty minutes from home) to hear the Old West Trio again! We had really poor seats at first so I sketched DH and the side of the one singer/player I could see. (the female member). I hadn't sketched in a real long time...
But later in the evening people started leaving so we grabbed the front row table and got front row seats!
the music is so good. You really ought to Google Old West Trio to hear them for yourself.
I requested the Coyote song and they played it as their finale! Thank you Old West Trio!
I love when we go out like this. We got home really late...poor DH has to get up in a few hours to go to work. Me, I can sleep in as long as I want. I'm still pretty wired on the decaf coffee drink.
But I have the day off to stay home and play. I have a lot of art that needs me.
Oh, I also came home to an email inviting me to sign up for an Art show in Davis at the Davis Art Center in August! I can enter three pieces of art. You know I'm going to do it too!
I'll be entering pieces to be judged for the juried show in May at the local art gallery here!
I might get a spot for another 2nd Friday Art About in Davis in June. I guess I better go to bed now! Enjoy YOUR WEEKEND...mine starts NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I always feel a bit guilty for having one of your all time best pieces (sunny of course) as if you entered it in a contest you would win all the prizes!!!

  2. Isn't it delightful to have an impromptu night out. They always seem to be the best of times.

  3. how fun to have a DH around to initiate unexpected adventures. Congrat on the invite to the show. You are flying.

  4. Yes Suki said it all. It is nice to have some one who gets the ball going on doing something fun. Sounds and looks like a great evening. Memories in the making. Fun too for having a place to show your work.

  5. I love nights out like that too...spur of the moment, and just doing something dear to your heart...really fun and memorable! I'm gonna go google the band right now!!! Have a great arty weekend, Lynn!

  6. i hadn't heard of this band and my husband adores country, blue-grass-ie music. i can't wait to share their music with him and what a fun date night you two had. thank you for sharing! i am so happy to have found your blog. best wishes, juliette

  7. Date nights are so special and yours sounds perfect!! I like the sketches.

  8. What a smorgasbord of colors, sounds, tastes and textures! You lead a very rich life, indeed.

  9. That night out sounds like a lot of fun! I wished my sweetie liked to go out but he has "crowd" issues. Our going out is usually hiking, camping, etc. I love your sketches, very loose and free. Hope your show is great for you!


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