Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gorgeous Day!

I spent a good part of Friday in the sunshine. These beautiful camellias are in full bloom on a bush in our backyard. They are just gorgeous this year! And so many. My fig tree is starting to leaf out and even the little figs have begun to grow! I worked on three different art projects. One I can't show, but I am aching to as it came out so cute. It's a post card I made for Cat in our Global Postcard exchange. But I have to mail it and wait for her to post it on that blog. So keep checking in there in about a week! I did also work on my "Love" card for an Artshine Traveling Book page. Some of you may recall this photo. It's my grandparents dressed as Maggie and Jiggs for a costume party many years ago. They are to me the epitome of love, as they shared a true love for over 60 years. I sewed paper photo to muslin and surrounded it with pink and red woolly bits. And wrote using the free motion foot the word Love! This is a small hint of the NYP I am devoting a lot of time to. I hesitate to show it full on yet, as this is but one of many parts, and I want it to be a full surprise for the person for whom I am making it. Therefore, you have to wait too. ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The camillias look like roses, so pretty. Your art project looks like it is coming along rather nicely. Happy Spring Weekend.

  2. Lovely colour those camelias are. What do you do with your figs? As for the art work, it is great. Love the one of your grandparents. Have a great weekend. Thanks for your comment on my blog, but remember you only eat a small ammount of these so your not getting that much sugar and I prefer sugar to sweetner as I get bad reactions with it, but that's another story.
    Love Judith x

  3. You're getting your vitamin D all right! We are just hinting at spring here, it should be warm today but will cool off again next weekend.

    love the maggie and jigs thing. I also hate not posting my global greetings but OH Well!@!!

  4. I sure wish I had camillias here! They are just gorgeous!

    AWESOME cards you show here...

  5. I love camellia's, we have them here but they never have the beautiful color that you have! I'm told, not enough cold weather...

    You know, that was some teaser you put up there about the postcard! Meanie! LOL!! I can't wait to see it now!

    Love the work on the quilt, the photo of your grandparents is just magical! I'm sure whoever the recipient of it is will be so thrilled! You do such gorgeous work!

    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  6. I love your 'love' picture and the snippet of work you put on looks fantastic and yummy ....lucky person who you are making it for
    ps sorry nearly forgot to say I got tagged the other day to show and tell 7 things about myself I then had to tag 7 more.. .I tagged you so hope you don't mind x

  7. Oh I LOVE that camillias color. wow. I like what I see peeking thru on your NYP. Its going to be fantastic. I can tell. :)

  8. Wow, what a realistic Maggie & Jiggs!

  9. Hi Lynniskynni:) thanks for visiting my metroheads again:) and oh how it is colorful here on your page, your lovely artwork (I love this pictures of you grandparents, it's like a big red heart:) and the fig tree, wow, everthing looks like summer already,
    have a great weekend
    love from Paris
    PS I am preparing an exhibition with the metroheads and perhaps, who knows, a book will come out of it later:)

  10. lots of sunshine and spring temps here too though colder weather predicted for next week. thanks for all your home reflections and experiences. I know nothing but i am learning.

  11. Oh those camellias look gorgeous!
    I have a few in my garden too!
    I hope when I come home Monday we will have some nice weather cause my garden needs spring cleaning!
    You are always so busy with so many fun project! I admire you , youbusy creative bee!!!!


  12. Well, I can see spring is in your blood...!! you're so colourful!!
    It's wonderful isn't it??
    I saw some fig leaves yesterday too!!
    I can't keep up with all the buds popping out all over the place!!

    I do love all you colourful sewing too..
    Take care

  13. The Camillias are gorgeous! And ur grandparents snap is so pretty... ya one can see the love they shared. Your art is as always so very cute...really really nice.

  14. Lisa, they do don't they! Thanks.

    Judith, I eat the figs right off the tree; and I give a ton to my neighbors, family and friends.

    Mim, I guess we just have to wait and practice patience and less self gratification! LOL

    Julie, wish I could send you some flowers...glad you like the cards (pages).

    Cat, ;-) I am smiling, and wish I could be there when the post card reaches your door.
    Thanks for all your kind words.

    Artymess, so glad you like the Love page; and I've done the list of 7 so many times I doubt there are 7 things left no one knows about me, but thanks for thinking of me.

    Cris, thanks for your continued encouragement and kudos for my art making.

    Elpeth, thanks and they were!!!

    Andrea, I am waiting for that book of Metroheads. The show will be wonderful and everyone should visit your blog to see them.

    Suki, glad to hear you are having some sunshine and yes, you are learning a ton in this house finding business. I am sure the end result will have been worth it all.

    Marianne, enjoy your gardening time. I used to be such a mud hen, but not lately. Thanks for all your kind words.

    Jude happy springtime to you too! Enjoy your part of the world, you live in such an interestsing place.
    Say hi to the donkeys for me.

    Deepa, thanks for coming by...happy spring to you too!

  15. Really wonderful pieces you have shown here. The picture of your grandparents is priceless, so great that you are using it in your art.

  16. I sort of came by to see if you were posting as the voting is going on with our fearless leaders......I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

  17. Mim, I am listening to the TV in the background while the voting is going on. My fingers are crossed for it's passing!


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