Monday, March 22, 2010

Archdtype Collage Cards Week III

This has been a very busy and fun weekend for me. The sun shone brightly all weekend long, meaning I enjoyed outdoors as well as in. I got my fingers in dirt planting a bright red geranium in front of my house, something I have not done in a long, long time. I made two trips to the thrift store, and you KNOW I always come home with goodies from there. And I got a LOT of time in to work on my NYP (textile art quilt), a Global Postcard, and a traveling book page. (although I did get stuck on the latter and it will have to wait a bit longer. I also had a call from my son in Oregon, and an invite to spend Mother's Day there with him and his family (my older two grand kids, ages 16 & 19) and he got us tickets to Cirque Du Soleil! So needless to say, this weekend ROCKED for me. I also went to the third session of Soulcollage (R) with Hannah and group. Our focus today was on finding our Archetypes (think Carl Jung). I am posting some wonderful cards done by the others in the group first. We had time to listen to each artist share the meanings they found in their card(s) and to add what we thought we saw as well. I will let you come up with your own interpertations and feel free to leave them in the comments section here as to how each card speaks to the gals said they'd be looking in this week. Card One: Card Two:
Card Three:
Card Four:
*** The next three are mine. I only spoke about this first one. Note the calendar of days in the background. I call this The Timekeeper.
Starting at the bottom you can see two children, a boy and a girl creating art, one with chalk on the ground, the other (left) in sand. Others noted the circles made from the red circle and the sun the boy is drawing and saw "cycles"...
On the far right is a clown, the part of me who laughs at my aging process, perhaps as the woman he is with is still young enough to still be looking good! (LOL I just thought of that now!)
On the far left is a very, very old crone of a woman, but her feet are still planted firmly on the ground and she can still see to knit. The fish in the middle is my joy of creativity NOW jumping up in the air and off the page! Me going outside the borders as long as I still can! The more I look at this card the more I like it!
This next card has a progression of time as well. I remember reading The Family of Man in the late 1950's early 60's perhaps? I was very moved by the photography of people from all over the world, many moods and times. The Traveler archetype comes to mind. The hand in the center and the crystal ball on the table are not me-s in that I do not believe in such things, nor do I have a crystal ball to tell me where my life is going. But the woman with the cats in the lower right corner is of an age and I see her and the woman in the center as wise and perhaps they represent my Wise Woman archetype. They seem to SEE ALL
and to be All Knowing. My third card was made quickly and did not get any attention from me yet at all. I see the Mother Archetype in the bottom left surrounded by little children. The couple going up stairs represent my anemia and animus (male and female parts). Maybe they are going upstairs to make more children. LOL My son and his wife want a child, so maybe the grandmother is pointing them in that direction.
The crowd of people in the background are all relaxed going in every direction but not in a hurry.
I leave the rest up to you for interpretation.
If these were your cards what archetypes of yours would they represent?
Thank you Hannah for yet another most interesting Sunday afternoon session!
I enjoy all that we talk about. &&&&
AND we made history tonight
as the Health Reform Bill Passed!
Ted Kennedy is smiling down on us tonight!
And a lot of other people are smiling too for good reason.


  1. I like the fish!!!

    These are very interesting cards Lynn and I actually like the last one best, the composition is good.

  2. Such a meaning FULL post. It would take some time to mull over each card. Very well done.

  3. Love your cards. I have a big envelope where I put cut-out magazine pictures so I can do something like this one day.

    Re: healthcare bill...what an historic moment. I was watching the House live via CNN on my laptop.

  4. You're making me long to find another SoulCollage group!

    Okay, I've had to open your blog in 2 screens so I can comment on the cards :)

    Card 1: This woman seems to be struggling with body image. I also see trust issues/ accepting herself as she is.

    Card2: "I am one who relates to the earth. I reap what I sow. I feel blessed in my bounty."

    Card 3: At first I thought it was about body image, but now I feel she is saying "I am one who is in a place I don't want to be. I am directionless. She may also be having a 'lightbulb moment' by realizing she has to move on.

    Card 4: "I am one who gambles and takes risks!!" Powerful image here.

    I like the interpretations of yours too! What an awesome group of cards Lynn. I had fun with this post!

  5. Looks like you all had fun. Lots going on here. I dont do good with figuring things like this out. Well not so early in the morning. :) Glad you are enjoying it so much.

  6. sounds like you are really enjoying making these cards. two thrift shop stops. jealous.!

  7. what an interesting poat.
    for me:
    card 1: the pain of bonding with another person, who is lo like you yet not like you at all.
    card 2: frivolous yet deep earthiness possibly of africa, reaching up begging for help - despite the frivolity (is this lady an african maybe?)
    card 3: time/weight/measure of bodily changes
    card 4: all focus on those dice, where thay land defines who we are and what we are, and 'but for the grace of god, go I'...what if our dice had landed elsewhere?

    in your own cards i see very strong mother earth images, very bonded to the family and hearth, very balanced personality, but always leading with the head.

  8. wow completely different to lolo's interpretation. would love some feedback from these women on some of their interpretation splease.

  9. beautiful cards! and I like the last one the best...although I can't exactly tell you why yet! ;) I'll keep you posted as to what it means to me after I've looked at it a bit longer.

    So fun to see the work from your weekend, and yes! Health care! I'm still stunned about it! ;)

  10. I appreciate your deep reading of the cards Lynn. I'm looking forward to next week when we try using our cards to do a reading...I think you're going to have a great time. Enjoyed our chat after class!

  11. What wonderful cards you have made Lynn!
    I admire all these collages passed my eyes lately! Wish I could do that.

    And I am happy for you all getting a good health care system!

    have a wonderful day!

  12. Your post made me cry, but not for the reason you might got me with your last statements about he healthcare bill passing. I agree with YOU, and really want to agree wth every way, but hearing how the republicans are all angry and mad, and fortelling of doomsday due to the liberals...I just burst into tears when I read your comment. I am so mixed up about the whole world, I am becoming a blubbering idiot.

    I gotta stop reading the newspaper and watching news on TV altogether.

    I am so bad at trying to read anything into these art peices ya'll have created. I suppose Jung wouldn't make any sense to me either. They are very unusual and different tho.

    Maybe I just need some sleep! LOLOL!
    Love ya...xoxo- Julie

  13. Lynn, Thanks for posting the cards! The process of seeing them posted allows me to view them from a different perspective. I love your feeling of family, tradition and familiarity. I enjoy your nlog and seeing your art!

  14. keep the comments coming please!


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