Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bloomin' Tueday

I saw this big red geranium outside a pharmacy on my noontime walk last week and just had to have it. It's in a pot in front of our house right now. I love red geraniums. I have a big one on the back patio too that has been growing for years now. My purple lavender plant is in full swing in front too with some lovely white bulbs blooming as well.
and some yellow too.
Rosemary in front, and a big pink bush in back make for a colorful spring front yard.
and last but not least another peek at my NYP!
How much more bloomin' Tuesday can this be?


  1. Oh my goodness, all those beautiful, colorful blooms!!! Spring is really at your home!!!


  2. I love that big ball of pink flowering bush in your front yard. What is it? how keeps it round like that? I keep geraniums in my sunroom all year round. they do better inside then outside. They freeze in the winter. Love love love the NYP peek. So cute and colorful.

  3. Lynn it's lovely to see these blooms it has promise for what's on it's way to us .......we are just coming into Spring so only limited flowers out at the moment but beautiful nonetheless.....How amazing to see Circe du Soleil I would LOVE to see that show ......Lorna

  4. Lovely Lynn!
    I intend to enjoy every bit of Spring!!!!!!!
    Spring is late here but on my doorstep.
    Thanks for letting me enjoy your spring!
    And Love that last peek, what is it???????

  5. yes i like that big ball of pink bloom too, what a joyful place to walk.

  6. What huge clumps pf lovely flowering shrubs!!! Love all those spring colors!!! NYP is so awesome!!!

  7. your spring is in full bloom... so is your creativity...

    really enjoyed my visit to your blog, Lynn...

  8. Your spring is like our early summer. Such beautiful flowers. It is a joy to see them all. HBT.


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