Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grandkids Light Up Our Lives

It was a beautiful warm sunny day on Saturday when we went to our daughters home to visit with them and later babysit our grandchildren so she and our son-in-law could go out for the evening. There is nothing I would rather do than spend time with this family.
There is a creek running through their back yard and it is quite full from the recent rains. The kids had fun gathering rocks, which they called "catching fish" while SIL dug weeds from the area. They put on their rain boots to walk in the wet soggy area. You can see the signs of spring all over. and it got so warm my grand daughter took off her sweater.
Our grandson is putting his catch on the "grill" to cook.
It was fun to see her wearing this little sweater I knit two years ago
too small but still much loved.
Later, when the parents went out to their event,
we took them to a near by Chinese restaurant for dinner.
We met my brother there too, as he only lives down the street
from where we were going. My grand daughter wrote me this love note on her paper place mat.
And then she showed me that she could also write in Chinese!
And she can also write in Hebrew!
Some of these letters are backyards and sideways, but she
knows how to say them and she will get them right very very soon.
At age five their education is and what they know already simply
amazes me.
My grandson did some drawing in my sketchbook.
His drawing of people has really come a long way too.
This is his sister and her best friend. My grand daughter drew a few girls as well.
and this one too.
And this cat!
It was a fun day, a sweet evening,
far too short a time,
precious in every way.
When I am putting them to bed I always tell them that I love them
more than all the stars in the sky and more than all the fish in the sea.
Last evening I just happened to say "Do you know how much I love you?"
And my grandson popped up LOUDLY:
"More than all the stars in the sky, more than all the fish in the sea
and more than all the farts in the world!"
Little boys are so funny.


  1. Brilliant, what a wonderful day you had...
    love the pretend bbq.
    They definately lighten up yuor lives..

  2. I ended reading your blog with a chuckle on what your GS said. Kids DO say the funniest things.
    How sweet that GD loves the sweater that you knit even tho its getting small. I love that they appreciate all you do too. Some kids dont. Thanks for sharing.

  3. what a wonderful post, I loved reading it!

    beautiful day and night you all shared, much to be proud of Lynn!


  4. You just have the best grandchildren in the world! Lucky you.

  5. What a lovely time you all had. A day full of precious memories.

  6. hahahahaha! i have little grandsons so really cracked up when i read the last line....said by your little grandson. ah, boys ;-)

    i feel so lucky to have my little grandchildren nearby--i see them all the time and we have a wonderful time together.

    i'm so glad you had such fun with them!

  7. I just LOVE the sketches that kids make. They are so honest and so fun. What a fun time you all had.

  8. oh, i am so jealous, i wish mine weren't so far away and i could see them once in awhile... babysit?? how lovely..

  9. OMG! That was just prcious what your grandson said!!! My grandson (age 5) is obcessed with the same thing...bodily functions! This just gave me the best laugh. I just got home from watching my two grands tonight and your story was just great!

    That little sweater you had knit is so the colors in it! I can see why she doesn't want to give it up!

  10. Lynn thats a wonderful post ..i love children's art work precious .......Lorna x

  11. Little boys are hilarious and so scatological in their humor. Thank you for taking us along on your fun day with those sweeties.


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