Friday, March 5, 2010

A Traveling Art Book Arrives Home: WOW!!!!

In September 2009 Nine Arty Soul Sisters contributed to this traveling art book. It was the second such group I participated in (I'm in three). And the first of mine to be completed. It came full circle in a mere six months time. My book started of course in California, USA. The first photo is my cover or first page (to be decided). I drew all nine women in our group holding hands connecting us around the world. You can see in this close up as to where the book traveled ...Here you see the back of my page as a thread painting from bobbin threads and felting (the blue colors)... followed by my second page...which is machine felted and top stitched free motion style using dyed dryer sheets and wooly bits, glitter paint and embroidery floss French knots.Then came Suki in New Hampshire, USA, this amazing collage of painted papers and fabrics embellished with beads and studs on paint trimmed canvas that has an air of delicacy about it that sort of floats across the page...followed by Mim's (In MA USA) adorable animals sleeping under a thick colorful quilt, something that connects us...
No words came with these pages so I am unsure as to Mim's thoughts behind her wonderful snakes and minnows on the back painted page. Her work is exquisite. Wonderful wonderful drawings and watercolors...
These pages are not necessarily in the order in which they were done as some are attached and some are not... This beautiful African painting is rich in texture and colors a thousand times brighter in real life than here...Joss in London, England knows I love her South African history and the art that flows from her in this vein.
On the back is this wonderful poem: Africa My Africa by Toris Okotie (The African Poet) NY I hope you can read it here. Laural/Lolo of Studio Lolo of Rhode Island, USA, painted me another warm quilt with me I think sleeping and dreaming and Henry V doing the same...Again the paint and sparkly glue and added glitter give it so much richness and life that I fear will not be done justice by the computer monitors...
This one also backed by a sweet poem that I am betting Lolo wrote herself. (You forgot to sign it). You will surely recognize Marianne's mandala style here, from the Netherlands, and won't be at all surprised that cats fill this circle of love. Again, a quilt and cats...and I did NOT offer up a theme, but they KNOW ME and what I am about and what I like...
Once again the back contains a sweet painted drawing and poem for what she calls "The Queen of Quilts". Ah shucks. Poem by Judith L. Cox. Again I hope it is legible. This mixed media piece by Caroline in Malaysia includes paint, stamps, cutouts, torn papers, and real rose petals to make this incredible page for my book also with it's own poem embedded. So so very pretty! And the simply beauty on the back of the page... Lisa in Indiana, USA, embellished this page in such an awesome manner joining the nine artists criss-crossing around the world with charms and beads and each of us represented in felt and yarn hair can you see? It is simply precious in all it's wondrous detail.
You can see on the back each city, state, country recognized... And then Kathy's page, from Ohio, USA, another creator of art quilts, embellished in buttons and beads, papers and fabrics, paint and threads to make up a splash of color on black that is fantastic to behold... How can I thank you all enough for the time and thought, effort and care, and artistic endeavor that you put into your pages? I love each and every one of them, front and back, paint, paper, fabric, glue, charm, bead, button and thread. I love my book.
Thank You So Very Very Much for
participating in the traveling book project
and for taking time for working on
My Book
I send you each a big fat warm
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  1. WOW.. That is so awesome. all that work and you say it doesnt show as well in photos. I wish I could see it in person. Every one did such wonderful work. Its so personalized too. You did good showing it off. Thanks for sharing. HOpe you get your next books back soon too.

  2. Mim wasnt' thinkin - she was just enjoying the drawing...and so funny about Lolo's piece. I had so many books here that I got confused about what I saw and where, that gorgeous piece must have made an impression on me.

  3. You all did a fabulous job on your books. Just awesome!!!

  4. This IS a gorgeous book! How awesome!!!

  5. this is such a fantastic idea ..i love it ......How did you get involved in this project ?..........Lorna

  6. Awesome Book!!! Awesome Art!!!
    Love each the different patterns,shades and styles...

    I can understand how pleasant and gr8 a feeling it would be to own such a gorgeous book :)

  7. Such fun to have a book completed. I am glad you showed everyones page again. I miss seeing them.

  8. Cris, if we come to Orgeon this summer I'll bring the book for you to see.

    Mim, I love your animals under the quilt and snake too. A beautiful page. No matter what.

    Teri, YES! They/we did! ;-) You'll have to join us next time.

    Julie, thanks.

    Atymess/Lorna: a group of us who comment on eachs others blog almost daily and share our art interest decided. I think Kathy was the first to offer the idea and that started Girlfriends Traveling Sketchbook (see my side bar for that one); Then Soulbrush started this one; and I have started a third called ARTSHINE (also reached via my sidebar). No doubt there will be a next one after that so stay tuned. You can be a part of it too if you like.

    Deep, yes, its such fun.

    Lisa, I know what you mean, we become attached. I had forgotten my second page entirely.
    It is a joy to hold this book and touch it and see it over and over again. Everyone really puts their all into the pages they create.

  9. I would love to be involved I will keep track of it ........Lorna x

  10. I hadn't seen a few of these. Wow!!

    I love Mim's page! The animals are sweet and peaceful. What a riot that we did similar themes! And the quilt is way fun!!

    All the pages are wonderful Lynn, and so reflective of you.

    Hurray!! One down...

  11. The book is amazing. What a wonderful group of artists.thanks for showing it.

  12. More amazing than I could have imagined! Thanks for letting us see your treasure!

  13. All I can think to say is this is Stunning!!! The bond you have with these ladies must feel awssume. I had to look twice because there was so much to take in. Have a wonderful Sunday...spring is in the air!!! Hugs, Mary

  14. Hi Lynn, What a treasure. Everyone put so much thought into their artwork.

  15. Some I hadn't seen either so it's great that you've posted them all here! Such a fun project!


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