Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grateful Thursday Bounty, Grateful Everyday

Look at this wonderful bear! Patty of PakArt Blog drew him and his big red fish and put him on a card she sent me this week...... with this other version of Grizzly Bear looking far less grizzly if you ask me..for our "G" for Grizzly Bear for the Second Round ABC ATC swap. Patty lives in Alaska, so for all I know these guys are her next door neighbors! Thank You Patty, I love them both! (btw, we saw a grizzly bear this summer in Yosemite National Park. I stayed in the car not feeling very brave, but DH got out and took a photo!)
Then Lisa of Artyendeavors blog
had a giveaway and I won it! This wonderful book with The Letters of Vincent van Gogh and this made by Lisa bookmark that says: "What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" Vincent Van Gogh.
Doesn't this just say it all? When I stop and wonder what I would be doing now had I not decided to take that quilting class, or not found those books on mixed media art and thread painting; had I not gone to the local art gallery and learned I could actually SHOW my work; had I not learned about, look at all I would have missed out on by not being courageous to try all these new things in my life and look how much richer I am as a person due to that risk taking!
I am ever so grateful for all of that. Thank you Lisa for the book, and after I read it I will give it away again.
And last but not least, this beautiful ATC for the ABC "H" swap came from Lolo of Studio Lolo. "H" for Hidden Hydrangeas in this delightful fold out artist trading card. How clever is that?
It came folded and tied in a pretty ribbon inside the see through mesh bag with the glittery letter "H" adhered to it. What a lovely package it was to find in my mail box.
Thank you Lolo.
So it is pretty clear what I am grateful for today.
I also have received back to me my first traveling art book, from the ArtySoulsisters group, completed with the most stupendous artwork of nine other artists. This is an incredible collection and deserves at least two days of blog posting I am sure to show it all off in the manner of which it deserves. I will say now and probably again then, photos simply do not do the art justice. I was so deeply moved to see and hold the art pages in my hands and to be able to enjoy each tiny embellishment, line, stitch, splash of paint and so on. So stay tuned. It's coming here soon. Thank you in advance to my Arty Soul Sisters All!


  1. Patty's art is super fantastic!! I love it too! That 'H' is just gorgeous and Wow, congrats on the win!! You know, I was looking at this book over the weekend and thought hmmm... I need to add this to my 'to read' list! Let me know what you think of it!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Ia m amazed how far you have come since you started blogging. since I first saw you do your first quilt. Nothing holding you back now!!! Lovely art.. absolutly wonderful work by Patty.

  3. i have been really thrilled and proud to watch you 'grow', what an incredible metamorphosis

  4. A little bit of everyone's heart is what mail art is...Beautiful pieces! :)

  5. What delights. I hope you find some time to read the book.

  6. All are beautiful! I love that bear.
    Yes, it is amazing how far you have come since you hit the creativity trail!!

  7. What super pieces of art here - those bears are both wonderful - love Lolo's Hydrangeas too - how lovely to receive it in that pretty packaging too!

  8. Paaty's ATC is wonderful! Indeed that bear looks less dangerous than the other! I love to cuddle him..... bad idea I guess.
    Her artwork is wonderful, both are in their own way!
    And well Lolo's....... what can I say.....
    Supergorgeous!!!!! Lucky you!
    Can wait to see your finished book!!!
    And the Vincent gift is inspiring. So nice you will pass it on.

    Have a nice day!

  9. Lynn I really like what you said about all the opportunities you would have missed IF you hadn't had the courage. I would never know you. How sad.

    I like that quote and I am going to write that down.

    I have his book of letters and enjoy reading it. It shows he was not really crazy but creative. He was born to challenge the world he lived in.

    I feel like that sometimes.

    beautiful art work!!!

    But I rolled my eyes up in my head when you told me your husband got out of the car. no way would I do that.

  10. dear lynn, this is a super post and a super way to get to know you.

    so many choices that open doors and hearts, and you have obviously found a full share of creativity and community.

    i have seen patty's comments here and there and i am very impressed by her bear and red fish. i love the idea of a red fish!

    and lolo's hydrangeas. she is so talented. i love her.

    last: lynn, your comment on my blog today about my writing meant alot and i thank you so much for it.

    my partner is a fiber artist. i appreciate what you do because i know how challenging it is.

    i hope you have a super weekend.

  11. I can't believe how many blog posts I've missed lately.
    That top grizzly is unfreakinbeleivable! Wow, those lines.
    I just ordered her Raven book :)

    I know Lisa really enjoyed that book. I hope you get a spark from it. Although if you get any more sparks of creativity you'll burst into flames!!

  12. So much beauty here today!

  13. I, too, just love the art I have from my bloggie friends--Soulbrush, Stacy, Just makes the world seem like a small community and I feel closer to them because part of them is here in my house!


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