Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Am I The Only Person On Earth With House Shame? Or Spring Cleaning Time!

No, we are not expecting company. But I had the day off today, a self imposed "semi-retirement" day. I am NOT retired. But I am figuring out how to work less am seeing if every other Monday off plus Fridays off will still gain me enough income on which to live. All that being said I used today to clean house. This is a chore just about anything else can prevent me from doing and does most of the time.
However, when I happen to visit some one's home who I consider to be pristine, meaning everything has a place and is in it and all surfaces are with out clutter and clean
I come home to our house and shudder. We are not neatniks. We do not have OCD. We are not very orderly. Now I often think that if I lived alone I might very well live in a better maintained, neater domain. Even with my hordes of thrift store scores.
But I live with a greater hoarder than myself.
And a guy who is sort of like the bull in the china shop when
he goes looking for something he leaves behind him
a greater mess than whence he started.
However, he has so many great qualities
that I have chosen my battles wisely I think
and joined him
in the living with the messes and clutter
most of the time.
but today
we got a face lift...
rooms got picked up, many things got put away, cleaned, thrown out,
polished, scrubbed, mopped, sanitized
and we aren't even expecting company.
I just had the time to do it
with no one underfoot to clean around
or hear "where are you putting that? Don't throw THAT out!"
Shush, don't tell, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.
Even my work space
once again has
I hoped you liked my spring peach blossoms
and could handle my rant!


  1. roflol i could have been writing this myself. we are exactly the same, getting worse as we get older, we do the basics every weekend, then as the week creeps along the place starts to look like a whirlwind has been through it.and i loathe housework, as it has to be re done over and over and over ad infinitum!

  2. I love (strange choice of words) cleaning house when he isn't home. SO much easier! We are both hoarders/junk pickers but he is better than me...except for books. and more books, and then even more. I also came home last night and organized, because when everything is chaotic - it helps me feel in control to clean/organize my space.

    Loved your do you like our snow???

  3. We have more fun, I think..I'm far too busy enjoying myself to think about cobwebs and dust..we always have doors open so everything has dust covering it. I don't really things to do!
    The sink is empty and the kitchen surfaces and pots are clean, that's what counts.
    Take care

  4. Most anyone that works has to have these cleaning fits ever so often. Ha... I only work 2 days per week and I do this too. It doesn't matter who you live with or without it would probably be the same. At least I found it that way. Doesn't it feel good to clean the house though?? Those blossoms are beautiful. Spring is right around the corner here. I cant wait to see some blossoms.

  5. Good job Lynn...I just hope you can find things now that they are stored in their proper space! Oh, and how scary that you used the trash. Even as a last resort, this always make my heart skip a beat....

  6. Our house sounds the same as yours. It only gets a good going over if we are expecting anybody. Which is not very often. I am a hoarder, I make no bones about it. The housework will be there when I am not. So no we don't have a show case home either.

  7. Sounds like everyone is in the same boat as you on this house cleaning thing. If it would only stay organized that would be so nice. Right now I want to dig in and clean but my back is telling me no. I dont want someone coming in and cleaning my messes. I would have to clean first. LOL Hope you are still walking around today with all that bending and stooping to clean. :))

  8. i love reading posts like this because i could have written it--except for the part about getting the cleaning done because it's far from all done! we are both guilty in my house....

    yay for you, though!

  9. Oh boy, did you hit a spot with me! I took the paintbrush out of my hand the other day to do the taxes and YIKES, I also had to do a lot of cleaning. House work is last on my priority list and art s first so you know what that means! I can tell you do!!

  10. Oh thank you all so much. After reading your reactions to my rant about cleaning I feel less crazy!
    And have comrades in arms so to speak. I really thought WE were the odd balls. Guess not. Oh goodie. And I apologize if I painted my DH as a bad guy is all this, believe me a lot of what I cleaned up yesterday was MY MESSES! Especially my sewing area and design table which is still piled quite high with stuff it's just a tad neater than it was yesterday! For a minute until I go there to make something and then it starts all over again.

  11. Oh Lynn this was too funny maybe because I have the same experience. When I am one of those pristine houses I think don't these people have hobbies or a creative life. We artist thrive on a mess and chaos to a certain degree. Today my studio demands attention, looks like a tsunami entered while I was gone.

  12. I think I am very similar to you and my husband is very similar to yours. I never have to worry that my house is not neat enough for my mother-in-law because she is even worse. Isn't life wonderful?! I think the artist's mind tends towards unorganized and clutter. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

  13. I have house angst too! It's a waste of time if you think about it. If it's not 'dirty' with the threat of the board of health knocking on your door, then live with some clutter if it doesn't bother you. Prioritize your time and be comfortable in your own home.
    When we left CA I was afraid my husband wouldn't do the purge he promised to do. (Seven years of newspapers in the garage, unopened boxes of what we brought to CA 16 years ago..) He's the ultimate hoarder!! But he surprised me and threw out more than 4 dumpsters worth of stuff! And we also gave our belongings away instead of going through the hassle and time of a yard sale. One lady took 2 truckloads!
    Now we rent this enormous Victorian and we have room to put things away. We allow ourselves an area where anything goes~let it pile up, who cares! But for once I can have people over and actually offer them a seat that isn't covered with strewn objects and cat hair.

    Now my studio..enter at your own risk ;)

    Beautiful peach blossoms! I'm seeing tiny snowflakes out of the corner of my eye from my studio.
    Say it ain't so :(

  14. Good work! I have a friend who keeps saying she's going to come over and supervise my basement cleanup (nope, still not done) so I don't "keep" too much, lol


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