Monday, March 1, 2010

Hannah's Art Invite For Eight

Photos of my collage experiences 1 and 2: These are my endeavors at collage making on Sunday. The top one started with a photo of an Afghanistan woman and her young daughter (I think) sewing on a sewing machine, ( no stretch of the imagination as to why I gravitated to this picture!) I surrounded it with fabrics and papers and did some hand stitching as well. They are all layered on a real sewing pattern. The letters in the lower left corner are Hebrew letters not a full word. The feeling I had while making it was of connecting across the world, reaching woman to woman; artist to artist; and the Hebrew letters for me connecting with the Dari speaking women making a branch of peace between us!
My second collage was done hastily at the days end with me grabbing again
some Hebrew writing
that I really did not understand at the time, but came home and studied it more with my Hebrew-English dictionary to realize it says something like:
"Rejoice Groom and Bride in the children..."
Like I said, something like that.
Hannah's circles; wonderful papers, fabrics, and silver
cut up and glued down for this happy
Hannah's Studio
(click to enlarge) Yesterday I spent the fastest three hours of my life at Hannah Klaus Hunter's Collage Salon. What an experience. First, since I am pretty sure Hannah will be checking in here let me say a huge
thank you
to Hannah!
Hannah was extremely generous with her art supplies and her art studio where eight of us met. Her studio is to die for. I hope you can see much of it in the collage I made from the
photos I took there.
Believe me the array of papers, pictures, paints, glues, stamps, embellishments etc etc etc too numerous to tell all or use was overwhelmingly wonderful.
I felt like a little kid in an art candy shop!
A huge table full of things to use with plenty of room for eight women artists
to spread out and create
and more things than you could put on a million art pieces around the room to choose from...
You can see why I am being redundant here
because there WAS THAT MUCH!
So add eight lovely ladies, chit chat about all sorts of things,
scissors snipping, paper tearing, glue and paint splashing,
art making
and you have the fun 3 hrs
that ended without my realizing that much time had gone by.
Hannah said she will do this at least four times a year.
I am already looking forward to the next time.


  1. wow!
    Lynn... you have a great sense of matching forms, colors and designs... these works are very impressive...

    and that woman in left-hand side of the first pic looks so she an artist too?

    art connecting people... loved the theme you chose...

    wish you more fun days like this...

    much love

  2. Wow. What a place. You are very lucky to be included with this creative group. Love your collages. The Hebrew writing makes it look so exotic to me. I never see this.

  3. Beautiful work, Lynn! What a studio! A great way for women/artists to connect, I love it!! I can tell you had such a wonderful, fun filled time!!


  4. Oh I wish I had been there!! I love groups like this. Your collages came out fantastic Lynn!

    Hmm, now I really think I'm going to try to get a group together in my studio. What fun!

  5. I knew you would have a great time. Your collage's are good.
    You know what they say:- Time flies when your having fun.

  6. Looks like everyone was having fun. All that room and things to play around with. Wouldnt it be cool to have such a big studio. Nice of her to share. What you did was very good too. I dont know if I could have created anything as I would have been so in awe of everyone my mind wouldnt have worked. :))

  7. Thank YOU Lynn for your generosity in sharing your pictures with me. I forget in the midst of it all to step back and take in the long view. I especially enjoyed hearing about the afternoon from your perspective; your comments about the Afghan seamstress and your search through the Hebrew dictionary were great. I have much to learn from you!

  8. this looks llike total fun fun fun and i wish i could have been there. Love your collages esp the first one but both wonderful. inspired!

  9. HB so glad you liked this and I did think of you while making it and almost said Farsi as the language...but looked up afghan languages and used the one most used there instead.

    Lisa, yes, Hebrew is exotic! An ancient language! I do love it.

    Cat, you would have loved it too.
    All that and more.

    Lolo, do it you will give and get so much pleasure from the experience of such a gathering.

    Judith, the time whizzed by...unbelievably quickly...yes, good time had by all I do believe.

    Cris, it was hard to really get woman just came for inspiration and made nothing, another started but had to leave early...but the rest all did things and seemed to enjoy at their own paces. I think I'm the only one who did two. so like me.

    Hannah, glad you liked the photos I sent you. such memories of what YOU created. I do hope we get to enjoy this together again before too long.

    Suki, you would have fit right in and would have produced amazing art with the things there. You would have been in paper heaven.

  10. Brilliant!! What a fun time you must have had - great studio and your collages turned out so well!

  11. What a great resource. I bet the energy in that room was electric!

  12. Lynn, love your collage art. What great pictures too. I can see why it would feel like being in a candy shop! To be surrounded by all that creativity is a real boost to the soul - how could you not have a great time.

  13. What a wonderful gathering of artists and camaraderie!


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