Sunday, March 28, 2010

Repeat Benicia weekend...Plus Sailboats.

It is so green here after all the rain. A warm sunny day and an easy ride to Benicia again this time for breakfast (we did not eat any of these beautiful freshly baked scones...
but we did return here
and I did order the Bagel With Everything again (smoked salmon, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, cream cheese and capers! What are capers anyway? These little green things taste so good with the salmon. It's a mouth watering mix for breakfast with a decaf latte with cinnamon sprinkled on the foam on top.
We even found a garage sale nearby and went in to see what they had. I left a funky old suitcase behind...but I got a flat magnet with cute women drinking sodas on top; and some cool orange fleece (total 35 cents)....and I saw these beautiful daisies that always remind me of Teri C.
Then we headed to the wharf. This is a shot of our shadows on the water.
where we stood looking out at the sailboats going by. I think it was Patty of PAK ART Blog, who asked me to take
lots of pictures of them.
Maybe she will help me identify them for you.
It was a really beautiful day. Fun being together. Stayed for a while there. Then took the back roads home slowly. Enjoying each others company and the scenery. I hope your weekend was ever much as pleasant. What did you do?


  1. Our Saturday was as beautiful as yours weather-wise. We had a delightful day at home. Family from out of town visited for the first time and we had the best time. The sail boats are gorgeous. I bet they make Patty wish she was out there. Your breakfast is looking really good to me right now. Yummmm

  2. You so often spend such delightful weekends together. you are very lucky to have each other and to live in a beautiful spot on this earth.

  3. This looks like Spring, full of fresh air and colorful. I ate capers too yesterday:):) Love them, they came with a Tartare (which is raw beef subtly spiced) and French fries, yummy:) We went out with my family who is visiting us here in Paris this week (mom and dad, brother and sil) in a great restaurant just around the corner.
    Have a great Sunday, and I join in with Suki:)

  4. I love the pics of sailboats! I could stand on a dock all day and watch sailboats come and go. The little Potter's are different from what we owned - ours was a 40-foot ketch, but still beautiful as they maneuver I'm sure.

  5. Looks like a lovely day you had. Love the photo of yur reflections in the water. Loved the boats too.
    Did you do any drawing while watching the sail boats? We had a dinner party and got to know a new young Artist in town. That was a treat. It went to fast.

  6. Oh my, I admit I LOVE the daisies (TY) but that bagel just made my mouth water!! Love them. Love those sailboats also.

  7. What a perfect weekend! That bagel looks scrummy! We fetched Bob from the vet - he's very sorry for himself, with a plastic lampshade around his head! Nightmare trying to give him his medication. Had wine and tapas last night!

  8. I loved your weekend..and the boats were wonderful.
    Capers? They are classed as a weed here, they grow everywhere, have thorns and the most delicate, beautiful flower.....but what you were eating were the buds...yes, the bud!! I picked alot last year and pickled them, still got a jar left..yummy!!
    Take care

  9. What a lovely day. My hubby loves capers...I am not so keen on them. I'm not big on olives either. Your "everything" bagel looked so yummy!!!


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