Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 Cat Stories! Bad Cat....Good Cat!

The BAD CAT story:
I am NOT talking to Henry today! NOT ONE WORD!!!!
The Good CAT story!
CAT of iCat blog sent me this adorable kitty, her signature cat, along with this wonderful envelop to hold
her beautiful ATC: 'L' for Lavender for our ABC ATC Swap AND this array of wonderful extras, printed papers and pages of dictionary words all beginning with CAT... How clever is that?!Thanks Cat. I love it all and it's all much appreciated! Some things I am grateful for today:
Special online friends who send goodies in the mail!
A wonderful DH who does our grocery shopping and brings home and/or makes dinner
every night no matter how tired he is.
The fact that I passed all recent medical tests with flying colors!
(teeth, eyes, blood, bones, etc)
Sunshine and spring flowers in abundance.
Happy Grateful Thursday
(for the most part)


  1. Cats what can you say yours bring the little bodies to show you ......and say oh look Mum what I brought would be something if they ate them .....but Good Cat story is great .....have a good day ...Lorna

  2. Loved the story despite the tragic ending. Great suspense!

  3. does Henry know that you are not talking to him???

  4. This is why cats should be indoor pets.

    That Cat is so sweet and generous.

  5. glad your health reports came in good. What a sweet DH. Bad, bad Henry. I think my kitties are too old to do this now, though they do perk up when they see the birds.

  6. Oh Henry! You naughty boy! I am glad all arrived safe and sound and that you like all the fun stuff!


  7. Cats bring their people gifts. He left that bird at the door as his gift to you. The bad thing is Doves mate for life and now its mate is left alone.:(
    Love the goodies you got.

  8. ...sometimes it is survival of the fittest and wisest, isn't it.

    When cats bring us their "catch", they are trying to teach us how to hunt...that's what most behaviorists say anyway and it makes sense.

    Great news on the tests, too!

  9. Oh well...cats will be cats! :) Try not to be too mad at him...he is just doing his thing as bird dominator!

  10. I'm glad you posted the bad cat story. I am sorry to see it, though. I'm sure you are really upset. To salvage something good out of today's bad cat, you can always pick up the bird features and use them in your mixed media art.

    The good Cat story leaves us on a positive note with some wonderful art. Glad to hear about all your tests. YAH!!

  11. Bad Henry! He is a fatter version of my Max, who likes mice better than birds, but will kill anything!
    Lovely gifts from Cat.

  12. Yeah, I wouldn't talk to him either.

    Our good Cat is such a doll!!!!

  13. You can't blame him too much it is instinct. When one of our cats got one of the kestrels last year I was not happy either. I did keep the feathers to honor the animal someday. He did eat the bird all we found were feathers.

    Liked the good cat story...

  14. Poor Henry...he hunted all afternoon just to bring you a most perfect gift. I'm sure he's sorry so don't be too hard on him. I did love the happy cat smile.

  15. Happy, healthy and a husband who cooks. Who could ask for more?

  16. Oh Henry what a real hunter you are.......

    Please explain him why you are not talking to him :)

    The other cat story is wonderful, to have mail at your doormat is far more fun than a dead bird.

    Sjimmie brings in mice which are alive lately...........

    He come on Lynn, don let this one bird bring you down. henry is fantastic and so is the rest of your life!!!!!

  17. Okay! I accept that Henry is a NORMAL cat...and we are talking again! Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Oh my, Henry, Henry, Henry.
    That was quite the documentation Lynn! Now I feel bad for his mate after reading Cris's comment :(
    Those mourning doves are uquite slow moving...easy prey.

    And I love cat's atc and the wonderful envelopes she sends them in!

    Congrats on all of your results.
    My DH is at the laundromat now. (I never have to ask him.) But I sure wish he could cook! And when he goes to the grocery store he only gets stuff for himself! he has that batchelor mentality sometimes :)

  19. I don't mean to laugh, but the bad cat photo essay is hilarious! I love the way his eyes are glinting just before the shot of the dead bird. Very familiar scenario around here ...

  20. P.S. Good job on the medical tests and having a DH who does all your shopping and cooking.

  21. The picture of the bird just took my breath away...


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