Friday, April 9, 2010

1000 Posts!

(imagine petals as posts + 1000 of them) Wow, I have been waiting for this number to come around. Yesterday I posted my 999th post. Today I am at 1000! Who'd a thought? Kelly of Kikipotamus The Hobo taught me what a blog was less than three years ago when she and my DH discovered through a genealogy search that they were cousins and she sent him a post card inviting us to visit her blog. (We actually met Kelly for the first time in Canada AFTER I started blogging) It happened about the same time that I became interested in quilt making. On August 22, 2007 I started blogging. My very first post was about the quilting class I was taking at the time. I got one comment response! It boggles my mind to think what all has transpired since that invitation arrived and my starting my own blog,
GETTING MY FEET WET Art...ATCs...Global Postcards...Mixed Media Art...Collage...Emboridery...Felting...Contemorpary quilt making...Art Shows...Selling Art...Art classes...Traveling Sketch books...Drawing...Filling sketchbooks with art...Making Art EVERY DAY...Art magazines...Art supplies...Sewing machines/Felting machines...Meeting artists...Making Friends Around The World... All things that were NOT a part of my life before that postcard arrived on our doorstep! Thank you KELLY!!!! I love posting about my daily life. I share my family, my cat, (who is family btw); I make my husband cringe with how open I am about myself (and him, as he is such a private person or tries to be, sorry sweetheart); I share my love of life, friends, kids, grand kids, noontime walks, flowers, thoughts, and creative endeavors. And I read about the lives of so many people I've met through blogging. I care about them. They have become real friends. It's an amazing thing this blogging! It reminds me of a younger self who used to make global friends as pen pals when I was in grade school and junior high school. Then I'd write a letter in long hand, mail it off and wait weeks for a response. This is BIGGER, and Better, with instant gratification. I post something before I go to bed at night and wake up the next morning like a kid waiting for Santa...and never disappointed as I come downstairs, turn on my computer and find a list of comments from my new found friends (and some old ones) on my blog about my latest post.
And of course I ENJOY going to YOUR blogs
and catching up on your lives, YOUR ART,
all the inspiration is right there
at my fingertips
! I can see my self doing this the rest of my life. Thank you for taking the time to come and visit when you do. Thank you for leaving your comments. Thank you for sharing your interests with me. Thank you for sharing your art with me. It is this inspiration and encouragement I get from all of you that keeps me creating! I really do owe it all to YOU! I feel so full and my life expanded in such wonderful ways because of blogging! Everyday is full of surprises. Looking forward to the next 1000! Love to you all. Enjoy your weekend! Happy posting!


  1. well...let me be the first to congratulate you - it's certainly been a journey and great fun to watch your artwork grow.

    This blogging is amazing - beyond what I ever thought I'd do!!

  2. Wow congratulations Lynn!
    Ad we have one (read more than one) thing in common: Kelly was the one who started me blogging as well!!!!
    Not that she invited me or so but she was the first blog I stumbled upon and that started an incredible journey for me as well.
    I feel much the same way as you describe here in this post.
    A few years ago I didn even know what blogging was, now I can see my life without it.
    When I arrived in panama the day before yesterday I got the same room as last time I unpacked a little plugged in my laptop and opened my blog to see if I had comments on my last post and......YES!!
    It felt like coming home. My friends were already waiting for me,. So it felt.
    I have met some wonderful people during blogging and became friends with some of them along the way.
    One of those wonderful people is you Lynn!!!!
    Thank for brightning my days with your posts, creativity and comments!

    love >M<

  3. congrats lynn that is quite something, i remember finding you soon after you had finished your quilting class and now your wonderful quilts are spread all over the world. here's to the next 1000

  4. Congrats on the big 1000. What an accomplishment. Your blog has been such an inspiration to me. It has been fun watching how your quilting projects have changed over the time that I have been reading your blog. I hope you enjoy blogging forever.

  5. Congratulations on your 1000 blogging birthday may you have many many more......Lorna xx

  6. 1000!! CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting and what an accomplishment!!

    It really is amazing all of the connections we make and how important all of our 'bloggy' friends and family become. It's a comforting extended family and I'm happy to have it!!

    I'm also very happy to have YOU in mine!

    A toast to the next 1000!


  7. Congratulations on 1000. I thought I posted a lot, but you have me beat. Blogging has changed my life and I see it must have yours, too. What a wonderful feeling to be part of a community from all over the globe where we meet each day over coffee and enjoyable photos, yet may never meet in person. Blog away, my dear and one of these days we'll be celebrating 10,000.

  8. Wow, 1000!! Unbelievable....
    Congratulations, I love reading about you and your family..I love having you as a blog pal...
    Can't wait for the next 1000..hehe!
    Take care

  9. Congrats! We started the same time. I found a blog called ParisBreakfasts & Elizabeth found me from there & got me into the Oct Drawing a day group that you & suki & Andrea joined. So you forgot that one. I remember you asking. Can I join this group even tho I cant draw? CANT DRAW? Thats a hoot...Look at you now. Its been a great friendship since. I have to say, Thank you, to Kelly too!!!!
    But wow you are wordy.. a 1,000 blog posts.. LOL keep it up!!!

  10. thank YOU lynn for sharing all these aspects of your life with us. such fun to read. I should check my blog postings number. I feel like i've done 1000 but know i havent gotten there yet, maybe because i deleted some posts at one point. Hurrah for the blogesphere

  11. ps i love your description of posting at night then waking up and finding all your friend's comments waiting for you.

  12. pps Cris, i had acually been blogging for awhile when I joined THE BIG DRAW. Previous to the big draw i got very few responses. After the big draw things picked up so i think of that time as very special.

  13. Wow, well done Lynn - I've got a heck of long way to go before I catch up! Here's to the next 1000 :o) x

  14. Congratulations Lynn! I know the feeling from when I hit 1000 and it is quite exciting and inspiring to step back and see all that has happened!

    Onto to the next 1000!

  15. Congratulations! ♥ To reach a thousand posts in 3 years shows how dedicated you have been to your emerging creativity! And so wonderful how your blogging and artistry grew together! Blessings on the next thousand!

  16. Neat, Lynn! Clearly I'm glad I sent out little postcard invitations to everyone in my address book when I began blogging. We really never know how large an influence one tiny gesture or act can end up having.

  17. What an accomplishment Lynn...Congrats! It is so lovely to have met you... I look forward to you next 1000 posts and all the fabulous art you can pack into them!

  18. Congratulations! I think you are waaay more outgoing than I am. And I've only done 606 posts in two years, so you have more to say, too. I'm a rather private person, like your husband. I share myself through my art, mostly.
    Your posts are always so colorful and full of life, and you are probably like that too.

  19. Lynn, what an amazing milestone! I'm in Anaheim to see Jenny's all star team play in a tournament and thought, "I'm going to go visit my favorite blogs! Want you to know you're my very first stop!

    I think I've been a reader of your blog from almost the beginning!

  20. OMG, Lynn...this is amazing you are up to your 1000th post!!! Gracious!!! Your writing about how it has changed your life is how I feel also! Of course, I am much lazier than you, but for you, it's like blogging just flipped your creative swith to full power ON!!! Isn't that wonderful??? Yes, it is!!! I am waiting to see your next 1000 posts of love and creativity!!!

  21. Wow! 1000 is a lot. You are way ahead of me. Congratulations!
    I feel the same about blogging, it is life changing and so fun. So glad I have met you and for our books we are doing together.
    I Love Kelly too. xoxo

  22. Hi Lynn,
    Thank you for visiting me today. I know exactly what you mean about looking to see if there are comments and then feeling the surprise of hearing from a blogging friend. You brought a smile to my face tonight.

    Congratulations on 1000 post!
    I guess you don't get writer's

    I have loved getting to know you and your family through your blog. I have been inspired by your example of living and loving your family.

    I look forward to the next 1,000 post.

  23. Lynn,

    Thank you. I remember three years ago when you and I first met here in the blogosphere... I was going through a very rough time... and friends like you and Deb and Suki and c'esAndrea and human being and BBC (yes even BBC... you remember him!?!) were always there for me... and I'm sure you guys don't exactly realize... but you all had the profoundest affect on me.

    I needed the words and thoughtfulness. I needed the communication and the writing. And I was saved by you and them. By people I had never "met" and never "known" but you all meant so much to me (and still do).

    thank you Lynn...

    I don't write these words lightly...

    you were a soft prayer I heard in the midst of a nightmare... and I'm so happy we have had this time and this space...

    many more years to come!!!

    Jon (the blogger formerly known as hopper)

  24. Long overdue congrats on your 1000th post! You write just as I imagine you really are--yes open and yes, feels like pen pals---I so enjoy visiting!

    Ps: did you get the velvet quilt piece--did you see the cat ironed into the velvet?


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