Saturday, April 10, 2010

Art Making Is Such Fun!

I really loved making this "Global Postcard" for Lisa. Lisa is a water colorist and she paints the most beautiful butterflies. I've posted several I've received in ATC form. But go to her blog Artzy Endeavors to see them. It is what inspired me here. I read an article by an artist Susan Sorrell in Art Quilting Studio (Spring 2010) I love her bright colors and wild ways with embroidery, beads and textiles. I think I hang out-side the same box as she does (I say humbly, as she is a GREAT artist of renown!)
It was fun to "draw" with the embroidery thread as I went, rather than a pencil...the only pattern being what was dancing in my head.
A fun way to while a way the time while watching TV at night unwinding from the days endeavors.
I used my sewing machine to decorate the area around the butterfly once done.
If you look at Susan's work you will see mine a kindergarten pupil in her school/classroom. I am a proud student!
Thanks to so many of you for coming to my blog
yesterday to help celebrate my 1000th post!
I wish you all a happy, sunny, lovely weekend! 1001
Friday night Date Night
We did a Sadie Hawkins Day Date
Where the girl asks the boy out!
I invited DH to dinner in Davis
I could go to an art show
We saw The 2nd Art About at the ARTERY
a local art co-op
who were hosting
Friends of the Artery Show
Hannah Klaus Hunter
and many other artists as well. ;-)
I liked Hannah's collaged piece very much;
I also liked one particular small art quilt by a different artist
that was photos of three elderly women
transferred on cloth in muted colors/greys circa 1940 perhaps
sewn on to a background of green fabric
made to look like they were standing in a field.
The art quilt was wrapped around a canvas.
I had my camera, but for some reason it did not feel right to take photos.
Don't ask me why.
We had a nice dinner too, our favorite place that serves a delicious
fresh grilled salmon BLT with fresh basil.
And then we stopped at the Newsstand where we got magazines.
I got Somerset Memories when I saw an article about a gadget
that binds books quickly and easily.
Might just have to get that gadget.


  1. That butterfly looks like it could fly off the postcard's sumptuous..........I know Susan Sorrells work its amazing all those seed stitches I used some examples of her work to show my kids at school when they were doing a mural of self portraits If I can find the pics I'll post them up on my blog....Do you want to swap a postcard or ATC with me anytime? let me know I'd love to ....Lorna x

  2. I sort of see a little eye on the butterfly and love it.

  3. Your postcard is gorgeous. My hand was cramping as I read your post, though! Wow, you put a lot into it.

    Grilled salmon and fresh basil. What could be better. You can skip the bacon, though! Lovely post.

  4. Yes, this butterfly is gorgeous. I can't imagine all the time it took to make it. Beautiful. I am glad to hear that Sadie is still working her magic for nights out.

  5. P.S. Thanks so much for the link love too.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header.. wow.. thats one gorgeous flower.
    LOVE your butterfly too. Sounds like a fun evening.

  7. how lovely, and what care and effort you put into each card.

  8. This card is unbelieveable Lynn! What a beauty....Love the background patterning outside the butterfly textural and rich! :)

  9. The gadget you are talking bout for binding books, Is it the Bind it All? If so I have it and its simple and easy to use.

    Gorgeous postcard too!

  10. I am humbled by your compliments on my work! You have made my year...I work in such isolation in my studio, I never know if I am on the right track. ;) Thank you for your kindness. ;)
    susan sorrell

    PS: You butterfly is the bomb!!! :) Great work and stitching!!


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