Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday's Adventures on Sunday

We got up early Saturday morning and set off to visit some garage sales, as we hadn't done this in a while. We were gone from 8 a.m. and returned around 4 p.m. I got good goodies (fabrics from a quilter plus free batting, and buttons; a huge stamp of bamboo trees and some smaller stamps; books; and more than I can even remember right now. We hit some thrift stores too; lunch out; then visited book stores, art supply store, toy store where I found wonderfully bright embroidery threads... Came home and created this fabric and beaded post card for my daughter in law whose birthday it is. She loves angels, thus the wings. I hope she likes it. The wings are free motion sewn by machine, and I used fabric ink pens to color around it. Lots of beading too around the outer border. Did this embroidery while watching TV in the evening after dinner. Started beading it and will do more tomorrow. It's so relaxing to do. Just making it up as I go.
I have no idea what to call this piece. I've been adding to it for several days. Scraps of fabrics in cotton, velvet, silk...cut up part of a machine felted piece I did a while back; then tons of embroidery stitches and lots and lots of beads.
One might say it is just a mess...
But I had fun with all those French knots, blanket stitches, beads, and some weaving!
If you wish you might give it a name! 1002


  1. Hey how about 'The Big Creative bang' it looks like explosions in space to me ..I love the textures and colours .......Lorna x
    ps I posted up those stitched portraits by my class (Susan Sorrell inspired)
    happy Sunday x

  2. To me when you add beads it really brings a piece to life. I just love beads. The embroidery is marvelous. I have a stash of floss. I might have to get busy with it. You are such an inspiration. I have trouble naming pets let alone naming an art piece. My friend that is a milliner names some of her hats. I always like to hear what comes to her mind when she is making them.

  3. I love the angel wing postcard! Wow. (Did you notice your raven above my computer in my Thankful Thursday post? you also have a quilted atc on my memory board.)

    As for naming the piece, how about "the kitchen sink" seeing as it has everything in it but that!
    It will make people wonder if they're missing something. "I don't see a sink!" LOL!

  4. Oh look at all the creative goodies. Love the flower.. oh and I 'see' in my eyes..a cat in the upper left corner.. has yellow eyes and a yellow nose. You sould call it. Wheres the cat ?.. LOL

  5. i think it's called Inside Suki's Brain LOL pretty wild. drooling w/envy for your fun thrift shopping day. there is one thrift shop up here about 15 minutes away, then another about 1/2 hour away . jeesh.

  6. Doesn't look like a mess to me. Looks like beautiful art. The beads add that perfect finishing touch.

  7. I Love everything. The last piece may be a mess, but it is a beautiful mess! xoxo

  8. How about "Flotsam and Jetsam"? The pink at the bottom reminds me of an anchor. It is such a fun piece!

  9. I love these pieces.... You are so inspiring.

  10. Arty mess: I sure was exploding all over the place! I Loved seeing the portraits your students made a la Susan S.

    Lisa, I'd love to see what you create with your floss. And to think I inspire YOU! Well, Wow, thanks, sweet to hear.

    Lolo you crack me up. Did I forget a kitchen sink? I will have to get right on that!!!!

    Cris, I do see the cat now! He must be interested in the bird in the lower right hand corner.

    Suki, one day you and I are going to go thrift store shopping together!

    Annie, thank you for liking my beautiful MESS!!!!!

    B & E you are too kind! Yes, I love the beads too.

    Diane, I am glad that you find it fun. Flotsom and Jetsom is a great name too.

    Kate, when ever one such as your self finds my work inspiring I just jump for joy. How great to be giving back!

  11. My name would be: "Life is Messy, Now Deal With It" in get out there and play and be free to make messes. Love the embroidery and beads...brings it all together in a fun loving spirit!!!

  12. Wow I have been missing a lot here!
    Am enjying now all these lovely pieces!

    Do you ever sleep at night? ;)
    I just love all the colors and the materials you use
    Your creativity has no limits!


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