Monday, April 12, 2010

Cousin Judy's Offerings for Cactus Monday And MORE Susan Sorell

My cousin Judy in Sacramento, CA, Green Thumb extraordinaire, grows these beauties in her back yard. She asked if I wanted to showcase them (my word not hers) on Cactus Monday! OH YES!!! Thank you Judy, they are so pretty!
I had such a rush this Sunday.
You may have noticed that
visited my blog yesterday and left a comment!
This after I had given her credit for inspiring me to try some embroidery and beading
in some textile pieces, after reading her article in
Art Quilting Studio.
Again I will say here her work is awesome
and if you don't already know it go to her blog to see for yourself.
You will not be disappointed.
So, I was so stoked from hearing from the queen of stitches and beads
that I emailed her a huge thank you!
Lo and behold
she emailed me back.
And so it went
another back and forth
me asking questions
she answering them so generously!
I felt so taken under her wing, as a new artist,
by a very established one.
And to find her to be so accessible was just incredible.
So as I know Google alerts Susan when anyone writes about her
she will see this,
let me say one more time,
What a spin you put on my Sunday!


  1. someday we'll all be sayin' "oh wow, Lynn left a comment on my page, she so famous, I'm so thrilled". :)

    love the cactus Lynn and have a lovely monday

  2. I already am wowed when you leave a comment on my blog. You don't seem such a beginner as an artist to me. HCM.

  3. What an honor. I've not heard of Susan Sorell, but I will check out her blog. I'm sure you are thrilled by the attention. It won't be long until you are in the same category, I'm sure.

    Those cactus shots are gorgeous. Your cousin Judy has some lovely specimens.

  4. Oh my these are lovely cactus flowers. They are certainly showcased here.
    I love it when someone we admire turns out to be just as nice as they are talented. I checked her blog out and she is all you say. Great work to admire... But then you too are very talented!

  5. Fall to your kness spectacular flowers...What joy!

    And speaking of JOY! What a treat to have such valuable and cherished input for your new "Mentor" YAY! What a happy day indeed! :) I am going right over to click on Susan next...:)

  6. you have beauty all around you. and i agree with mim, one day it will be YOU.and i will be able to say that 'I commissioned the first quilt from Lynn naa na na na naaaa'.

  7. First, I forgot to tell you last time I was here that the peony is stunning!!!!

    How sweet of Susan to come back to comment. I'm sure you'll be in one of those books yourself soon!

    Super succulent flowers, wowie zowie! Thanks for sharing!

  8. And I thought you gave up Cactus Monday! Beautiful blooms.

    Your sewings from yesterday are really beautiful. Good that she inspired you.


  9. How much fun, how much inspiration...the possibilities are endless!


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