Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Animal Wednesday and Noon Flower Walk

Well after an 80 degree F Sunday we had rain last night...but this morning when I got up the sky looked blue but full of clouds...some gray ...some white... I had to fight my way out the front door down this flower strewn path to get to my car! These dogs were in front of my car on my way to work! They are here to wish you a happy Animal Wednesday!
It did NOT rain on me as I walked at noontime on my route to the
post office, bank, and then just walking around shooting photos...
So much beauty ... so I give you Bloomin' Tuesday on Wednesday
along with Animal Wednesday and
it still has not rained again
although the weather man said
tomorrow to expect it!
We'll see. Anything profound happening in your life? PS:
and for those of you who think I am up at 1 AM every day
posting think again...I schedule it to post at that time
earlier in the evening,
and I am sound asleep in bed while it does it
for me


  1. You live in the most amazingly photogenic place. Those flowers!!! wowee.

    HAW and thanks for the reminder of bloom

  2. You do all your art, go to work, and keep gardens looking like that??? How??? Oh, plus blogging??? What do you eat, drink, take... to have so much energy??? WOW!!! I am impressed!!!

  3. What gorgeous flowers. I enjoy seeing the different blooms in your area. Your walk about at noon looks marvelous. HAW.

  4. wow, what an amazing abundance of lovely flowers Lynn! That gorgeous Lavender at your walkway!!! The beautiful Calla Lilies!! Everything! Those dogs were just tooo funny!

    What a beautiful day!
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Those pictures of white picket fences made me feel a bit nostalgic for CA. I havent been back for a visit in over six years and I forget how fun it is to look at peoples yards with little fences full of flowers blooming ahead of everyone else right now.

  6. Mim, glad you enjoyed the flowers. I took lots more and will share them later.

    Julie, I used to be a passionate gardener (before art/blogging etc.) So the garden pretty much repeats itself automatically each year now. I just get to watch it. And I have a 2x a month gardener who comes and makes things neat.

    I don't know where the energy comes from, but I love it.

    Lisa, glad you enjoyed it too.

    Cat, I thought the dogs hilarious too. I couldn't stop laughing.

    Cris, one day you'll have to meander down from Oregon and we'll do this walk together.

  7. Your flower photos are simply amazing. Love them all. They would fit right in on a calendar, they are so beautiful.

  8. SUCH GORGEOUS BLOOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAW and HBT

  9. The photos of the flowers are wonderful. You captured them beautifully.

  10. Lynn, Your garden is amazing...These photo's are really special..I love picket fencing too.
    You were the first to come to my new blog..I was so glad!!! Your words were like a soft wind on a warm day...can you tell I am wanting good weather:)
    Thank you so much for all your comments, you are a faithful friend. I feel we have known each other for along time..that doesn't happen to often.
    I have been in Crayland doing this family search. I do love it, but it takes alot of time.
    I love the picture of your another time. Thank you for taking me with you on these adventures, no matter where when and how!!! Love, Mary

  11. That day sounds just about perfect! I love that you come out and "have" to walk through that flower strewn walkway.

  12. What a beautiful walkway! You keep making me miss CA!
    I'm finding some wonderful surprises in my new yard though. Yesterday I discovered bleeding hearts along the driveway :)

    I love that skyshot too Lynn!

    We have a wow of a thunderstorm yesterday. This house was shaken to its foundation by the booms!


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