Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Medievil Faire on Sunday and Readiness for Art Show Begins

On Sunday after spending time cleaning up my art studio we went downtown to walk among the locals many of whom were dressed up in costume of an era of long ago... We came upon the king and queen and family having lunch in their castle dining room... This gentleman, perhaps a court jester, seemed to me to be wearing a belt across his chest of thread spools! Am I mistaken?
The whole area for many blocks we brightly colorful in fun decoration...
DH was drawn to this display of swords...
The heat as measured later in our backyard
was of summery eighty (80) degrees F.
Back at the faire one could have their cards read...
And then we watched the catapult fire off little stuffed mice!
This family appeared to be of a lower class
as they partook of their lunch on the side of the road...
I was startled to find this fine knight fighting a fair maid,
but you'll be pleased to hear that she was winning!
Medieval fairies were out in great abundance...
I loved their frilly dresses...
So that was fun.
We ate lunch at the German Bakery.
And then went grocery shopping...we had to eat dinner later too.
And finally once home again
I got out my paints and some canvas'
that I plan to use to mount some art quilts on
to take to the upcoming Juried Art Show here in town.
Start crossing your fingers for me.
I plan to take five pieces for the judges to look at.
Hoping something gets accepted into the show
Only the sides of the canvas will show once the quilts are hung on the wall,
but I had fun painting the whole canvas. :-)


  1. we have medieval fair's around the Cape cod area too but you have to pay bigga bucks to get to see folks dressed up. Love the fairies esp. good luck with the jury.

  2. Looks like our Rennaissance Faire. Those are always fun. Ours also cost megabucks to get into. You are very lucky. Loved the pic of the "lower class" family. Too, too funny.

    I have my fingers toes and eyes crossed that your quilts all get accepted into the show. Guess I'd better uncross my eyes. I can't see what I'm writing, but I still wish you lots of good fortune.

  3. Best of luck with the juried show. Your quilts will look great on the painted canvas. What fun to run into a group of Medievil costume lovers. They look so happy in their costumes. I think the Jester is wanting to look like the Mad Hatter in the new Alice in Wonderland movie.

  4. This looks like a fun day! We have Renaissance Festivals here in the Fall, similar to this.

  5. What a fun day. All those colors to mingle around...Just up you ally with spools of thread too. Wishing you success in getting everything into the Juried show.

  6. Suki & Blue, yes we too have a larger more grand Rennaissance Faire in another town, in fact that is where DH and I went on our very first date...this local one downtown is all FREE!!!

    Lisa, I didn't even know there was a new Alice in Wonderland movie!
    I did think he looked like the Mad Hatter though! I'll have to look for the movie.

    Thanks all for the good wishes for the juried show! I will be volunteering on judging day again this year so will at least get to hear the critiqing.

  7. Lynn, wow! Looks like the faire gave you lots of inspiration. I'm looking forward to seeing what emerges on your canvii!(my personal plural for many canvases)


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