Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Dan/Danny

Today is my first child, my son's, birthday! He was born 46 yrs ago today in Afula, Israel! I had traveled to Israel when I was 19 yrs old on my own, met and fell in love with this dark haired Israeli farmer/kibbutznik, who I married after knowing him all of four months! I promised to stay in Israel. In the top photo you see us with baby Danny at the baby house where babies were cared for by a "metapellet" or nursemaid. I came directly from the hospital to the baby house and had to leave my newborn there. It was very traumatic for me. I don't think I bathed my baby before he was six weeks old. Someone would walk to my house from the baby house when the baby needed to be nursed ( we did not have telephones) and I would walk there (day and night) to do that. No wonder my breast developed an abscess (I had poor instructions in nursing too, probably due to my not being able to understand much Hebrew then) and I wound up in the hospital when he was ten days old for a week having surgery and recovery. For just short of two years I struggled with this form of child raising and then I rebelled, as I was extremely depressed. (I had been on the kibbutz for five years by then.) I took my child home to California for a vacation, but once there I decided I wasn't going back. Husband followed 3 months later. We stayed married another five years before we ended in divorce. But he stayed in the states to be close to our then two children. We have a very good relationship today.
Michael with Danny in the baby house; Me with Danny outside the baby house,
Michael holding Danny on stone stairs in the Kibbutz; Danny starting to crawl.
This was taken when Danny was 18 months old and my parents came from California to visit us in Israel. The cart in the back was the kibbutz version of a baby stroller.
Happy Birthday Danny.


  1. wow - great story Lynn and happy birthday to your green son.

  2. Love your story too Lynn. Kibbutz life has always fascinated me, so interesting to hear that you found it stressful enough to leave.

    Beautiful photos of your young son. Happy Birthday Dan!

  3. happy boifday danny, love the story and also the pics. you look so different. you have also had a very eventful life. (btw i definitely can see an hassidic owl lol)

  4. this is definitely a unique story. good for you for finally making a change when you were unhappy. it's nice you are still friends w/your first husband. Happy b-day to Danny!

  5. What an interesting start to parenthood. I would imagine all was so different from the life you were used to. I am glad all is good now. Happy Birthday Danny.

  6. What a fabulous continuation of your life story. I had no idea about Kibbutz or what it was until after I started reading your blog.

    See you tomorrow for even more on your life and happy, happy birthday to your son.

  7. What a fascinating post, Lynn. Many Happy Returns to your son!

  8. I love old photos. These are great.
    We all looked alike back then. lol
    Interesting story of Kibbutz life. I dont think I could have let someone else raise my child either.

  9. Happy B-day to Danny! It is interesting what all you can go through and still come out a winner!!!

  10. Wow! intersting story - I couldn't do it. Isn't it strange that all over the world people raise their children so different. What do the young mothers there do? They must accept the practice since that's what they've always known.


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