Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gorgeous Day With Family! And New Embroidery Piece!

I love the bright colors and textures in this latest of my embroidery endeavors!Saturday we drove to Stockton to visit my uncle and aunt again.
Uncle Harry looked terrific! He's off of blood thinner so no more red blood bruises under his skin.
He has no pain now and he is walking with his walker more.
He said when he can't sleep at night he just counts his
great grand children...he has seven and two on the way!
DH did the driving while I embroidered in the car. The sun was out, the scenery was green and lush with wild flowers, goats, cows, and sheep!
Aunt Mimi has a wonderful sense of humor. She hardly repeated herself at all. She did tell me several times how many suits she knit herself when she was in high school! She had good memory for many things from the very distant past. We laughed about many things
and it was just such a blessing to be with them and to have them almost
their former selves, but not bad at all for 91 yrs of age. (Mimi turns 91 in May).
I hope I look this good at 91!!!
Here I am tickling Mimi to make her laugh!
So much love in this visit!
Happy Sunday to you.
What will you do with this beautiful day?
Enjoy it to the fullest.
Each day we have is so precious (to me).


  1. What a wonderful, colorful, and lovely post. Glad I got to see a picture of you, too. It's nice that your aunt and uncle are doing so well especially due to their age. Again, loved this post!

  2. This is lovely work Lynn.......and a lovely post with your family...Lorna

  3. This is a beautiful little piece you you embroidered. I love flowers anyway but your beads make it special. Looks like a really nice family visit. Glad they were almost back to normal. Yes we do need to take each day & enjoy it to its fullest. You look great & I like the hair cut.. Unbelievable that your aunt is in her ninties. wow.

  4. You must have the steadiest hands in the world to be able to embroider in the car! Your piece is fabulous!!! I love the fun colors and the beads add fun texture.

  5. Elizabeth, thanks...glad you enjoyed it.

    Lorna, thanks.

    Cris, you noticed the hair cut too! Yes, Mim and Harry both look Marvelous!

    Diane, I actually did this particular embroidery in the recliner while watching TV. But I do embroider in the car too. And it comes out pretty nice I think. ;-)

  6. I love both!
    Your aunt and uncle!
    And the embroidered beauties!

    I always enjoy reading updates about your uncle and aunt They are such an inspiring couple!!
    I can imagine how much you love them!
    They are so adorable!
    I hope they have many more happy years together and with all their relatives.

    The flowers are exquisite!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  7. What a beautiful post combining your love of your art with the love of your family. It is great that both are doing well. We went birding to day then I putzed around the garden before coming in for the evening. It is too pretty to be inside but I am pooped.

  8. Wonderful embroidery and lovely family. Sounds like you all had a great time.

  9. Hi Lynn. What a wonderful day you must have had with family! All smiles everyone. Love this heavily stitched piece you worked on in the car. I myself can't work in the car - I get carsick! Really bright and beautiful. Whatcha gonna do with it?

  10. That certainly is a beautiful piece of embroidery! I couldn't stitch in the car - any prolongedlooking down and I start feel queasy!! Love to see your Aunt and Uncle - such a happy post!

  11. You sure do look like both your aunt and your uncle!!! Your embroidery is so pretty, free and so colorful! I just love it, Lynn!!!

  12. I love your reports from these visits. I almost feel like I got to tag along.


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