Friday, April 16, 2010

NYP (The Garden of L. Eden) is Finished and Ready to Ship Out

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Last night I added a Flickr (collection of photos) of my NYP. You can see the whole art quilt there and many photos of close up details from my side bar. This is an art quilt that was commissioned by a woman in NY for me to make for her daughter's Bat Mitzvah. We started communicating in November 2009. Much time went into discussing via email the content of this quilt, including theme and style. Almost all of the fabrics used (silks and linens) were supplied by this woman. It was a real joy using them and making this piece. Five months went into its conception and creation to completion. I was asked to create something folksy, and whimsical; a memory quilt; using free motion sewing, hand embroidery, applique, buttons, beads, hearts, representing peace, Israel, infancy-childhood-teen hood;Bat Mitzvah. Using words in both English and Hebrew. The back contains a baby kimono belonging to this child, to be used for family and friends to add notes of sentiment; it is surrounded by more family photos. There is also a story of the quilt by me, the artist. I hope I have accomplished "our" goal. I think I have. It was a joy to make this art quilt, which measures 4' X 3' (the largest art quilt I have made to date). I have surely put in far more hours and work into it than anything I have made to date. I had moments of great frustration, artist block, breakthroughs, and immense love and joy. Today I send "The Garden of L. Eden" to it's new home. You can wait with me for her feedback once it arrives.


  1. It's always the personal ones that mean the most. Wonderful quilt.

  2. You have made a beautiful family heirloom Lynn. I can just imagine the joy and sense of pride the whole family will have when they receive it.

  3. It is just beautiful, Lynn...on so many levels!!! Congrats on it's completion! I know this girl will cherish it forever!!!

  4. Lynn,

    Your quilt is absolutely amazing! There are so many important things represented here. I am fascinated with the Torah. I also love the embroidered words. The Hamsa holding the cell phone is such a creative way of connecting tradition to the present. I would go on and on as this work of art is so wonderful!

    This young girl will treasure this gift for the rest of her life! I hope she gets to meet you someday.

    With love and admiration,

  5. I'm so glad you posted this for all to see as its such a wonderful work of Art you have created. You really put a lot of time and thought into making this and it shows. I think you captured all she asked for putting in your personal talent & style of what you do so well. They will love this even more then anyone else because of all the personal things you put in so creativly for them.
    I heard those doubts & frustrations along the way and I kept telling you that those feelings would simmer down and the feelings of doing what you love & do so well would fall into place & when it finally did I 'saw' the love flow into this lovely project to the end. YOU ARE ARTIST HEAR YOU ROAR. :D

  6. Congratulations on this masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's a wowzer!!!!!!!!

  7. Wow amazing .....i'm sure she will be deighted with it ..........It's so special .......Lorna ps was my e mail of help to you ??

  8. lynn, this is stunning, wow!

  9. This is stunning! I love all the symbolism in this piece. What a lucky little girl to receive this wonderful work of art.

  10. Lynn, the quilt is quite incredible.

  11. To all who have commented on this latest creation of mine.
    THANK YOU...
    It really is meaningful for me to get your reactions. Of course I love that you like it and find it good. As a fairly new artist I sometimes suffer from doubt about what I am doing, if it is really art/really good/worthy etc. So my EGO NEEDS the reassurance that I am doing okay. You of course MORE than gave me that.
    From the bottom of my heart and the middle of my ego, THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

  12. Wow Lynn, you have done it again!
    What a masterpiece!

    Sure the new owner will love it and the lady from Ny will love to give it. What a special gift!


  13. what an amazing feat, and she/they are going to love this- just as much as i do mine (actually no one could love theirs as much as i love mine!) the amount of hours you put into this sort of project has no monetary value, bless you lynnie, she is a lucky little girl.

  14. What a treasure and how pleasing to know your art and effort will be a family heirloom and hold such sentiment. What a lovely gift from her mother, too.


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