Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grateful Thursday

These gifts came to me so unexpectantly! I went to my mail box the other day and found this soft package from the woman in NY, the woman for whom I have made my latest creation/art quilt. She had previously sent packages of fabrics for me to use if I wanted to (and I did, they were all so beautiful); but what was this? The art quilt was finished. I didn't need anymore fabric. So I was surprised and tickled to find this bag of gifts. The first is a beautiful Turkish necklace. The next is a Tzedakah Box from Israel (a wooden bank for collecting charity for Israel) with these wonderful Chagall like paintings on it by an artist named emanuel.
and two beautiful scarves from India. And a note that touched my heart. And she hasn't even received the finished quilt yet.!
Thank you, S.
I also received this delightful ABC ATC from Mim with the letter M for Mountains. Mim makes these cards with a fold over door that opens up to the picture card inside. So clever and well done.
Thank you Mim.
See all of our 2nd round ABC ATCs on our blog via my side bar!
There is a saying that it is better to give than to receive.
This week I gave
and I received.
And I can tell you
pretty darn nice!


  1. love all your presents and glad you like your M-nose

  2. lovely gifts. you are a very generous gifter and receiver too.!

  3. Wow, you got some gorgeous goodies. No wonder you call it grateful Thursday. Sounds like giving AND receiving fit you so well.

  4. Lovely necklace. I would be wearing it all the time. All are lovely gifts. You deserve them as you are such a giver of yourself.

  5. Oh wow, these are so beautiful. How very thoughtful of her.

  6. Lynn, it seems as if your connection with this woman is beshert--and blessed. What beautiful gifts you have given her in the quilt images (which she hasn't seen but somehow knows)--and in turn, what abundance comes your way!

  7. You have been mightly blessed this week Lynn.

  8. Since I received an unexpected surprise from you yesterday, I know exactly how happy you feel!!! The gifts are beautiful and well deserved!

  9. That necklace is beautiful. What a fun collection of things in your mailbox. I read back several days to catch up. Your son sounds like a good man - and your birthday card seems to fit so well!

  10. Wow what lovely surprises!!!!
    And from all over the world!
    So cool!


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