Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Silent Give Away! And the Winner is:

I thought it would be fun to have a Silent give away for my 1000th post on my blog. So when I made that crazy overly embroidered, overly beaded, overly layered quiltlet I decided that everyone who left a comment on that post would get a chance to win IT!
I put all your names in my lunch box today and when DH came home from work I handed to him, told him to hold it up over his head and then reach in and pick one of the little pieces of folded paper in it! He then handed me the winning name.
And the winner is:
What is really funny, or interesting, or synchronistic is that Diane teaches at the same school
where my DH teaches,
I wrapped her prize
and put it in his book bag to take to school tomorrow
where he will
put in her box
in the teachers room!
Silent Give Away Winner
gets her prize hand delivered!
Sorry I couldn't give each of you
a gift of thanks;
just know I appreciate you all
so very much.
And I enjoyed that so much
you never know when I might have another
Henry has been behaving well.
Color him Good,
Color me Happy!
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. 1000 posts is one HUGE accomplishment. And to think so many of them are filled with your amazing art. Congrats to you and your "silent" winner.

  2. What a great idea Lynn, and serendipitous for the winner to have it delivered!

    Did you end up choosing a name for the piece?

    1000 posts, I can hardly imagine!

  3. cute idea. i know i didnt comment on that post, darn. hand delivered letters/packages. love it.

  4. Lucky Lady to receive a surprise. I am glad Henry is behaving. HAW.

  5. Wow!! That is such an accomplishment!! I am nowhere near 1000 posts, LOL! This is a gorgeous piece too, congrats to both of you!!

    Way to go Henry! Kitty kisses to you! HAW!

  6. Congrats to the winner..She is going to be so surprised and happy. What a fun thing to do.

  7. Suki, you did leave a comment on that post and you were in the mix of names in the box! Maybe next time!!!

    Lolo, I think Diane's name was "Flotsam and Jetsom". We'll give it the name of her choosing!

  8. That lucky lady!!
    Glad to hear Henry is behaving now!

  9. Lucky Diane!
    What a nice idea and the price is fabulous (like all you make!)

  10. Lucky Diane - that's one fabulously colourful quilt! She'll be thrilled, no doubt! 1000 posts - fantastic, congratulations Lynn!

  11. Lynn and all fellow posters,
    I was beyond thrilled to win such an amazing piece of art. I was in my classroom working during lunch to get ready for open house when I heard on knock on the door. It was Lynn's DH hand delivering my incredible prize. As he was explaining my good luck to me, the phone rang. It was our librarian, Terri, calling to say, "Check Lynn's blog! You won something!" It was all so exciting and wonderful!!! Thank you Lynn for making my day, week! I love it and will give it a wonderful home. Congratulations on your 1000 post! I'll be about 143 years old when I reach that milestone. Thank you again for such a wonderful surprise!!!!

  12. Diane, so glad my delivery man made his connection with you in a timely manner!

    And am really happy to hear your reaction (both from him and from your comment here!) So glad you like it.
    I got a kick out of Terri's call to you!!! Nice to know my Bridgeway contingency is following Getting My Feet Wet so closely!!!!

  13. What a wonderful idea! Congratulations to th winner
    Take care

  14. Excellent and generous idea! I love it.


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