Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grateful Thursday

Call it Grateful Thursday, Day of Abundance, Time of Thanks and Appreciation
Anyway you look at it it's good!
This delightful swatch of a quilt came to me from
Teresa in VA.
I wish you could see the velvet cat more clearly in the middle panel.
I am always touched when someone sends me something just because
as Teresa did with this sweet gift.
Thank you so much.Now, I am not at all sure Joss/Soulbrush thought, when she made this
Owl for "O" in our ABC ATC swap, that I would see what I saw or not.
But I started laughing when I opened this little gift,
as I saw a Hassidic Owl with a flat hat and long pais (side curls)
which are actually the wings of the owl.
My Jewish soul just loves this Orthodox Owl
(another "O" word)
Thanks Joss! I am grateful for spring and the abundance of beauty in our own garden, these flowers growing and blooming in our front yard now. I adore these white little guys/gals who hang over my side fence. Henry is walking the fence that divides our yard from our wonderful next door neighbors, D & D. We are so lucky to have them in our lives and have had for the past 22 years. Both of them are suffering from different forms of cancer and on top of that had to put their beloved doggie down today. Please join me in sending prayers for healing their way. *** & DH got two letters today from former students both filled with so many accolades and words of appreciation for all that they learned from him, and telling him about their plans to go to college all because he was such an inspiration to them in his/their sixth grade class. I am so pleased he sometimes receives the thanks he and so many teachers deserve! Count your blessings and enjoy life. It is so precious! 1012


  1. I count them every day just to remind myself that the petty things don' t matter

  2. So sad for your neighbours. I bet your husband was thrilled to hear from his students.That's what teaching is all about, and he must be a good one to inspire them!

  3. You have been mightly blessed Lynn. I am glad to hear that your hubby got some positive feedback from former students. It makes work so fulfilling to know you make a difference. Your neighbors will be in my prayers. Henry looks very serious walking the fence. Happy Earth Day.

  4. Henry on the balance beam, putting Olympic gymnasts to shame as he goes for gold. Wishing your neighbours the best possible outcome.

  5. Some lovely gifts here. cute and pretty. sorry to hear about your neighbors dog. how sad. and the health issues on top of it all.
    You DH deserves acknowledgement. So happy to hear her got it. Its not easy being a teacher these days when a lot of the kids dont appreciate education.

  6. so many blessings for sure. sending prayers for yr neighbors.

  7. So many beautiful things to be thankful for. All well deserved. So good to step back and appreciate them.

  8. I always feel gratitude when I visit here. You exude it!
    You are so blessed because you bless others ;)

    prayers to your neighbors. What a struggle to have each half be stricken at the same time.

    Yay to your DH! Teachers don't get enough accolades. (Right Jossie?)

    Look at the purple hue surrounding Henry V. He has a wonderful aura!

    I too see the hassidic owl...Hooo-larious!

    And and and OMG!!!!! I just got the mail and my postcard is here, blue jewel and all!!! I'll post it on our blog later.
    Thank you Lynn! What a treasure, you and the postcard ;)♥

  9. So many blessings Lynn! Love that Henry on the fence, guarding his territory!

  10. Yes! There is always something good to be thankful for. Prayers for your friends, going up (or out)
    now. Your gifts are lovely and that Henry is so cute. Congrats to DH. xoxo

  11. That Joss is so talented! Love the special owl. What a hoot. LOL!
    Your garden is lovely and so is Henry!
    How wonderful for your husband to have heard from his former students. What an impact he must have had on their lives.

  12. Beautiful flowers and beautiful Henry! Sorry about your neighbors.

    Where would we be without wonderful teachers? Those students are so awesome to send thanks to your hubby!!!

  13. Oh my Gosh...there is it! I was wandering your older posts and asked "did you get the velvet piece" and now I am caught up and here...I see, yes you did!

    Of course, I know the cat is there, and the photo you took really shows the soft violet colors. I am so happy to know you will put it into something and that it will "live on" in your art...


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